Universal TFT Display Backpack Helps Small Displays Shine

TFT know-how could be historical information for monitors and TVs, but it’s alive and well when it comes to hobbyist electronics and embedded units. They’ve now grow to be even less difficult to integrate, many thanks to the Common TFT Exhibit Backpack style and design by [David Johnson-Davies].

Breakout board, compatible with pinouts of most modest TFT shows.

This sort of displays are affordable and easy to receive, and [David] found that numerous seemed to have a whole lot in typical when it arrived to pinouts and hookup facts. The end result is his breakout board design, a little and simple-to-assemble PCB breakout board that can accommodate the pinouts of a vast variety of TFT displays readily available from your favored stores or abroad sellers.

The board has a few high quality-of-lifestyle features this sort of as an optional connection for a backlight, and a staggered pin pattern so that distinctive TFT boards can be pushed in to make a solid connection with out soldering. Which is pretty useful for testing and analyzing different displays.

Interested? Head on around to the GitHub repository for the project, and while you’re at it, test out [David]’s Tiny TFT Graphics Library 2 which is a pure enhance to the screen backpack. [David] sure is aware his stuff when it comes to cleverly optimized show perform we loved his option for producing to OLED shows without the need of needing a RAM buffer.

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