This Open Hardware Li-Ion Charger Skips The TP4056

There is a excellent prospect that if you build a little something which includes the means to prime up a lithium-ion battery, it’s going to include the very frequent TP4056 charger IC. Now, there’s absolutely very little mistaken with that. It is a respectable enough chip, and there are countless pre-built modules out there that make it really simple to carry out. But if the chip lack has taught us everything, it is that options are often fantastic.

So we’d propose bookmarking this opensource hardware Li-Ion battery charger design from [Shahar Sery]. The circuit takes advantage of the BQ24060 from Texas Instruments, which other than the support for LiFePO4 batteries, doesn’t look to present everything also new or exciting compared to the typical TP4056. But that’s not the position — this design and style is merely provided as a probable option to the TP4056, not always an upgrade.

[Shahar] has carried out the layout as a 33 mm X 10 mm two-layer PCB, with every thing but the enter and output connectors mounted to the topside. That would make this board excellent for attaching to your most current undertaking with a dab of very hot glue or double-sided tape, as there are no elements on the bottom to get pulled off when you inevitably have to do some rework.

The board can take 5 VDC as the input, and expenses a solitary 3.7 V cell (these kinds of as an 18650) at up to 1 Amp. Or at least, it can if you add a heatsink or fan — or else, the notes feel to reveal that ~.7 A is about as substantial as you can go ahead of tripping the thermal security method.

Like the boilerplate TP4056 we coated a short while ago, this may possibly appear like minor more than a physical manifestation of the typical software circuit from the chip’s datasheet. But we however feel there is price in demonstrating how the information from the datasheet interprets into the actual-earth, specifically when it is produced less than an open license like this.

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