Best Router For Exede Satellite Internet (2022)

If you are using Viasat, formerly known as Exede, as your satellite internet provider, you should make sure that you are using the best router for Exede satellite internet.

There is no reason to get a mediocre router that will not deliver the level of coverage that you should be able to expect.

With Viasat, you can expect speeds up to 12Mbps, so even if your router offers more, it cannot be faster than what the provider gives you. When looking at a router for your network, you will need to consider what you do online, the features that you need, and performance you expect.

Things To Consider When Getting A Router For Exede Satellite Internet

Exede Viasat Routers

Speed & QoS

Speed and QoS are factors you need to consider when looking at a router for satellite internet. The speed is not going to be as fast as other forms of internet, so make sure the router isn’t inhibiting your speed either.

Because of the limitations with satellite internet, having QoS will make sure that the devices that shouldn’t have their signal interrupted will be safe. Both of these should be easily found on your router’s packaging.

Network Security

Security might also be a concern that you have regarding your router. With the amount of malware floating around the internet, you do need to have safeguards in place to keep your information and network protected.

There are different types of network security that you can look into. Having a VPN will help keep your IP address safe and a firewall will prevent unwanted users from getting in. The level of security that you need really depends on your wants and needs.

Traffic Usage And Monitoring

With satellite internet, you need to make sure that there isn’t anything draining your bandwidth. You can do this by checking out which band your devices are on.

Normally, devices that are only used for browsing can be on a 2.4GHz while streaming needs the 5GHz. Some routers offer apps for this type of monitoring, but you should be able to log into the router regardless to see what is going on.

How Does Viasat Satellite Internet Work?

Viasat Satellite Internet, previously known as Exede, works by using satellites in space to transmit the internet to your home network. Viasat gets the internet signal from data servers, moving it to a hub before putting it to your network where it is meant to go.

This all works through radio signals that are transmitted from Viasat’s hub. The signal travels the 22,300 mile distance to the orbiting satellites. The signal then comes down and is caught by your dish. It really is a similar process to other forms of internet, minus the great distance the signal has to travel.

5 Best Routers For Exede Satellite Internet

1. Netgear Nighthawk R7000

Best Router For Exede Satellite Internet (Editor’s Choice)

Our choice for the best wireless router for Exede satellite internet is the Netgear Nighthawk R7000. This is an all-around great router that will not disappoint you.


The Nighthawk R7000-100PAS is a horizontal router with three high-gain antennas. You can point them toward the devices that need them the most. This design can be harder to conceal than vertical designs. You also get a USB 3.0 port.

This router has is the OpenVPN Connect App, which allows you to have access to the network remotely. You can also adjust the settings when you are not at home, which could be helpful.


The R7000 has a dynamic QoS, so you can prioritize which devices should get the best bandwidth, ensuring that the devices that cannot afford to have buffering or signal loss will have a reliable connection.

The R7000 also has a 1 GHz dual-core processor that should offer enough power to reach all of your devices. The Beamforming+ feature also adds more power to your antennas, while extending the reach of your network.

  • Beamforming+
  • Dynamic QoS
  • 1 GHZ dual-core processor
  • ReadySHARE Vault automatic backup
  • Straightforward setup
  • App does not allow you to alter all settings

2. Netgear Nighthawk R9000

High Performance

If you are looking for routers that can deliver even more performance than the R7000, we suggest you take a look at the Netgear Nighthawk R9000.


The design of this router includes four performance antennas that can be positioned toward the areas of your network that need the best signal. It is not designed to be propped up on its side.

This Nighthawk has ReadySHARE, which is an automatic backup for USB storage.


The R9000is a great router for gaming since it comes with the QoS streaming abilities and is a tri-band router. This is so important for modern home networks that depend on streaming. Tri-band for the R9000 means that you get a 2.4GHz band, a 5GHz, and a 60GHz band.

This means that you can access security, QoS, and guest networks remotely. Combine all of that with the 7.2 Gbps and the 1.7GHz quad core processor and you have a router that can easily handle all of your 4K streaming needs.

  • ReadySHARE automatic backup
  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 60GHz)
  • 1.7GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 7.2Gbps combined Wi-Fi speed
  • 4 high-gain antennas
  • Cannot be propped up vertically

3. Motorola MR2600 Wireless Router

Budget Friendly

When you are on a budget, you should still be able to get a great router, which is why we suggest you look at the Motorola MR2600.


The MR2600 is a horizontal router, so it does take up a lot of space. The design also provides you with a USB3.0 port, Smart QoS support, a fire wall, parental controls, and so many other features that should keep you happy.

This router also comes with four adjustable external antennas. The four Gigabit LAN ports will ensure that you can connect the devices that you need to, however, which is always a nice feature to have in a router.


The MR2600 has QoS for a reliable connection. You do not want to be buffering in the middle of a game because someone else in your network hops on and starts streaming as well. QoS keeps your connection reliable.

When it comes to performance, this router also has the Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology as well as implicit and explicit Beamforming, which any streaming network should have.

  • 4 Adjustable antennas
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • QoS for steady connection
  • USB 3.0 port with DLNA media sharing
  • MU-MIMO capabilities

4. Google Wi-Fi System 3-Pack

Extended Coverage

If you are in a larger space, we recommend the Google Wi-Fi System to meet your coverage needs.


The Google Wi-Fi System, you will notice right away that it is white without any external antennas. This means it is easier to blend in with your home décor.

With this setup, you get three Wi-Fi points that will prevent dead spots throughout your network. You can purchase additional points if you need to extend your coverage even further, making this ideal for large spaces and buildings that might have obstacles obstructing your range.


The Google Wi-Fi system extends up to 4500 square feet without dead spots. This is just based on using the three points that come with it. If you need more coverage than 4500 square feet, you can always get more points.

Each of the three points that are included with the package have their own LAN port in addition to being a Wi-Fi point, so you gain two Gigabit Ethernet ports in each point.

  • Comes with 3 beacon points
  • No external antennas
  • QoS for steady connection
  • USB 3.0 port with DLNA media sharing
  • MU-MIMO capabilities

5. TP-Link Archer C5400X

For Gaming 

For the gamers out there, we suggest the TP-Link Archer C5400X as the best router for you. 


The design for the C5400X is a little bit unusual. It is a black and red router, which you don’t really see in the router market. It has 8 high-gain antennas that can be pointed in any direction. The antennas completely line the outside of the router so they really can be pointed in all directions, making this a great router to put centrally in your home.

The design is a little bit bulky and will be impossible to conceal.


Performance-wise the C5400X is made for gaming. It has RangeBoost which will strengthen your reception. Combined with Beamforming, the router has great range.

This is a tri-band router with one 2.4GHz frequency and two 5GHz frequencies, allowing you to move devices to the band that is the most appropriate. It also has MU-MIMO, though this is not really feasible with satellite internet. There is also Airtime Fairness to maximize total throughput and response rates.

  • 8 high-gain antennas
  • 1.8GHz Quad-core processor
  • RangeBoost for stronger reception
  • Link aggregation for teaming the LAN or WAN ports
  • Powerful antivirus protection
  • Bulky design takes up a lot of space

Final Words

Our choice for the best router for Exede Satellite Internet is the Netgear Nighthawk R7000-100PAS.

This is a router that is made for reliability. It will not crash on you or give you any headaches with buffering or lagging. With Beamforming, the router gives you great range. Combined with the powerful processor and you get a great router.

There are always reasons to consider a different router, however. If you are a heavy gamer, you might need to consider the CX5400 whereas if you are on a budget, the MR2600 would be a better choice. Take into consider your network’s needs before committing to one over another.

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