Use This Product Review Template To Boost Your Sales

Ever tried writing a product review?

Then you’ll know how difficult it can be.

That’s why you need to take advantage of a product review template.

A product review template ensures that you provide all the important information in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

(It also makes writing product reviews that much faster)

Below I have provided a complete outline with my proven product review template. I have used this exact template to:

  • Write over 25+ product reviews
  • Generate thousands in affiliate commissions

Ready to get started?

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Product Review?

Simply put – A product review is your opinion about a product.

But just giving your opinion and sticking in a review isn’t going to get you far.


Because people need to know they can trust what you are saying.

Your readers want to know that:

  • You have carefully reviewed the product
  • Your opinion is based on real use and experience

we tested the product before reviewing it

There is a proven template that the best product reviews all follow:

  1. Introduce the product
  2. Present the best features
  3. Uncover the product weaknesses
  4. Present alternatives
  5. Conclude the review with a call to action

That’s it!

Doesn’t sound that hard, right?

If you follow this simple template, you will end up with an authentic review that gives the information your audience needs.

It also ensures that everything you say is backed up by verifiable proof.

Proof = authenticity.

Product review pros always use a product review template.

That’s how they maintain the consistency of all their reviews and can build real audiences that hang off their every word.

The Ultimate Product Review Template

Ready to write product reviews like a pro?

Follow this product review template below.

There are only 5 steps, but each of them is essential to creating a product review your audience will love.

Don’t forget to tweak and personalise the template for each product you review and your own personal style.

Step 1 – Introduce The Product

Introducing the product sounds straightforward.

But it’s not.

At the beginning of every review, you need to hook your readers. The easiest way is to tell them why they should care about the product.

This is exactly what I did in the introduction of my Rank Math review:

hook your readers in your introduction

The first four lines of the Rank Math product review create curiosity and leave the reader wanting more. That’s exactly where you want them.

There are two questions that I always answer during the product introduction:

  • What problems does the product solve?
  • Why was the product created?

Your introduction should always highlight the issues that the product solves.

It draws your target audience in and ensures that your audience sticks around to the end of the review.

Create A Story With The Why

Establishing the “why” of a product helps shape the story of your review.

The truth is that most product reviews in the top 10 search results on Google are boring. They are simply a bunch of facts and information thrown down on a web page and optimised to rank.

People love stories.

stories impact sales

The backstory of:

  • Why the product was initially created
  • Why you ordered the product

…can build your entire review off.

A running storyline will help you stand out from other reviews and keep people invested while you deliver the information.

And a strong storyline will also help you get more sales!

Step 2: Present The Best Features

This is the meat of your review.

And it’s something that people get wrong all the time.

You should ONLY present the best features of the product – NOT all the features.

present the best features

Reviews help people make decisions.

That means your goal should be to provide the most essential information in the quickest amount of time.

The top features give your readers a clear overview of:

  • What the product does
  • How it will benefit them

But there is another huge reason you only cover the top features…

The reader has likely already visited the product’s site and is generally familiar with what it does.

They are reading your review to get a deeper insight into the product before they make their decision.

Small and unimportant features won’t help your reader make a decision.

It’s the significant details that will.

4x Questions You Should Answer To Comprehensively Cover The Best Features

There are four basic questions that will help you present the best features accurately:

  • What does the product do?
  • How does the product work?
  • What are the top features of the product?
  • What makes people want to buy the product?

I like to walk people through how to use particular product features as if they had the product in front of them.

exmplain how to use the product

They’ll get a deeper understanding of what it does and how they can replicate the same results.

I’ve also found that people return to the review after purchasing the product, which is a good indication that your review was really that valuable.

Step 3: Uncover The Product Weaknesses

Nothing is perfect.

So don’t pretend like it is.

Showing the weakness and downsides of any product adds a ton of authenticity to your review.

More importantly – Showing product weakness lets your audience know exactly what to expect.

They see the good and the bad.

Always endeavour to have maximum integrity. It will help:

  • Build a loyal following of people who trust
  • Ultimately lead to earning more affiliate commissions

show product weaknesses

There are four questions I ask when looking at product weaknesses:

  1. Are they any bugs?
  2. What issues lie within the product?
  3. What can be improved?
  4. What does the product lack?

Answering the last question properly is essential.

Here’s why:

When most people write a product review, they tend to focus on what the product will help their readers accomplish.

They often forget to mention what it WON’T help them accomplish.

This is just as important.

For example, I write a lot of reviews about SEO tools.

The truth is that there really are only a handful of really excellent SEO tools.

But the difference between an excellent SEO tool and a pretty good SEO tool is often very subtle. By looking at both products’ websites, you would think they are similar.

But once you actually start executing an SEO campaign, you start to see the difference between them.

Most of the time it’s because a tool lacks a feature.

Pointing out product weaknesses in every one of your reviews really helps the reader get a complete picture of the product.

It means they can accurately identify whether the tool is right for them or not.

Step 4: Present Alternatives

More often than not, a reader is considering multiple products.

One of the biggest questions they’ll have is…

“How does this product compare?”

And that’s the question you need to answer.

Most times there will be a couple of top competing products. You should present the alternative products and make a quick comparison.

Again – you don’t need to highlight every little feature…

Just focus on the top features of each alternative and how they stack up against the product you are reviewing.

Present Alternatives To Generate More Conversions

Presenting alternatives will also help generate more conversions.


Because you eliminate the issue in the reader’s mind.

If they are tossing up between two different products and you present a simple comparison of them, they don’t need to go anywhere else. You’ve already given them all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

That increases the chances significantly that they’ll click your affiliate link and purchase right there.

That’s what you want, right?

Best Practices For Presenting Alternatives

These are some best practices when presenting alternatives:

  • Compare the most important features only
  • Highlight the weaknesses of each alternative
  • Point out differences that may affect the reader
  • Include a short summary paragraph at the end of each alternative
  • Use a comparison table when possible

present alternatives

Think of it like this…

Comparing alternatives should help the reader understand which product is better for them and why.

This makes them feel comfortable that they have done enough research and are making a good decision based on facts.

Step 5: Conclude The Review With A Call To Action

There are a few ways to conclude a review.

The best way is to provide your objective opinion based on all the information.

You are a big part of your own product review. Readers want to hear your honest opinion about the product and whether you would recommend it or not.

There is always one question that I like to answer –

“Is the product worth the money?”

Even if the product offers a ton of value, it might not be worth the investment for every one of your readers.

If the product is expensive, point that out.


The goal of any product review is to help the reader decide whether the product is right for them.

That means you must be focused on summarising the information in a digestible way. Don’t include any new information in the conclusion.

Here are a couple of parts to include in your conclusion.

Add A Pros & Cons Section (Optional)

A great way to summarise effectively is to add a pros and cons section.

Simply list all of the big benefits and downsides of your product.

An excellent pros and cons section is just a list of punchy bullet points highlighting the important parts of the product – good and bad.

This is what your reader will remember from the review and will likely influence their final decisions significantly.

Always Include A Call-To-Action (CTA)

What do you want the reader to do next?

In most cases – it’s buying the product.

Always include a call to action that tells each reader the next step. But what if you don’t recommend the product?

Simple – explain why you don’t recommend it and give a different CTA instead.

The most common call-to-actions include:

  • Order the product now
  • Signup for your email lists
  • Offer another piece of content to the reader
  • Ask them to follow you on social media

cta example

Get creative and come up with your own CTA’s. But make sure that your CTA is a logical next step for the reader.

Wrapping It Up

Now you are ready to write in-depth product reviews like a pro.

Use the product review template above as your guide.

I have written over 25+ reviews using this template and generated thousands in affiliate commissions.

Most of my reviews also rank on the first page of Google.

My point is that the product review template works and is proven to generate results. You just need to take full advantage of it!


The product review template above is just that – a template.

Make sure you personalise it for your own style and each product that you review.

That way, you get ahead with the template and still produce a unique review for your audience.

Win-win, right?

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