Tineco’s Switch S7: Ultimate Cleaning Wizardry Unleashed!

In a grand reveal at CES 2024, Tineco, a trailblazer in floor care and smart home devices, has introduced its latest innovation – the FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7, boasting a myriad of groundbreaking features.

The Perfect Fusion: Mop Vacuum and Stick Cleaner in One

The FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 emerges as the ultimate amalgamation of a mop vacuum cleaner and a stick vacuum cleaner, a genuine all-in-one solution. Aligning with the brand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive cleaning package for entire homes and all types of floors, the new SWITCH S7, with its versatile functions, promises to fulfill all cleaning needs. Anticipated to hit the market by the end of March, this multitasking marvel will be available on both the official Tineco website and Amazon.

Innovative Design for Unparalleled Versatility

Distinguishing itself with a unique design, the FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7 not only functions as a potent mopping vacuum but also effortlessly transforms into a stick or hand vacuum with a simple SWITCH Pro motor transition. The inclusion of the cutting-edge FlashDry Self-cleaning System ensures that the brush can be dried and disinfected in a mere 5 minutes when heated up to 450W. Moreover, the upgraded Pouch Cell battery extends the device’s lifespan to an impressive three years, catering to all functionality desires.

Revolutionizing Home Cleaning

This groundbreaking home cleaning solution tackles every surface in your home, seamlessly combining vacuuming and mopping in a single step. This not only saves significant time but also ensures a thorough and efficient clean.

Key Features of the FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7

  1. FlashDry System: Achieve deep self-cleaning and complete drying with just one press.
  2. Pouch Cell Battery: Enjoy an extended device lifespan, multiplied by three, thanks to this innovative battery.
  3. MHCBS Technology: Experience impeccable floors through the continual washing and rinsing of the device at a constant speed of 450 rotations per minute.
  4. ZeroTangle Brush: Say goodbye to tangled hair with a 99.99% reduction in hair-related issues for trouble-free suction.
  5. PureCyclone System: Benefit from a 5-level filtration system that filters 99.97% of dust, providing long-lasting and powerful suction.
  6. SmoothPower System: Effortlessly operate the self-propelled vacuum cleaner with ease.
  7. Double-sided Edge Cleaning: The Switch S7 head reaches up to 0.20 inches on both sides for comprehensive cleaning.
  8. LED Headlight: Illuminate all dirt with a built-in LED headlight.

Scheduled for release in March, the Tineco Switch S7 will be priced at €899, available for purchase on the official Tineco website and Amazon. Embrace the future of cleaning with the FLOOR ONE SWITCH S7!

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