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The average American spends more than seven hours every day looking at a screen, and about half that is looking at a computer monitor. Most of us can relate. Tech gadgets can make that time a little better.

Blue light-blocking glasses might make looking at a computer or phone screen a little easier on the eyes. While the science behind blue-light blocking glasses is divided, video gamers swear by Gunnar Optiks computer glasses that are higher quality than cheap plastic glasses. Gunnar Optiks block blue light and 100% of UV light and glare.

Scientists do agree that blocking blue light can help you sleep if you look at a screen before bed.

Gunnar Optiks has styles for Marvel fans, business, and are available with prescription and reader lenses.

Multi-taskers need more computer display space and the Anker 551 USB-hub adds laptop functionality to iPads. The stands raise the iPad for easier use and keep the device charged. It also has ports for external hard drives and slots for SD cards so you can move files from external sources to the iPad. An HDMI output allows you to connect to a laptop and use the iPad as a second screen.

Laptops don’t have enough ports anymore. The Anker USB-C hub adds slots for HDMI, hard drives, and SD cards.

You can find any and all of these tech gadgets online at most retail websites and computer tech gadgets typically go on sale for the holidays.

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