Tech gadgets to level up your productivity

If you’re looking to level up your workspace, tech expert Jessica Naziri recommends you start your search with these tech office essentials that can boost productivity and may even provide some health benefits.

Vestaboard Office Decor
( $3,295)

If you’re looking for a way to really level up the look of your space. The Vestaboard is a smart messaging display that gets people looking up. It’s a modern take on delightful signage of the past. Combining the best of analog and digital– friends, family and team members can send messages, and then you’ll see 8,448 magical spinning flaps, a mesmerizing sound and a message.


With this device you can print your shipping labels without using any ink! Rollo uses thermal heat technology, eliminating ink costs and waste. The cool thing is that you can print wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or computer and save up to 90% on shipping with Rollo. Schedule courier pick ups from your doorstep, and never wait in a line at the post office again. Thank me later!

Belkin iPhone Mount with Magsafe

Did you know you can turn your iPhone into a webcam ? Thanks to Belkin’s iPhone Mount with MagSafe, you can magnetically attach an iPhone to a Mac and use its powerful camera system as a webcam through Continuity Camera — a new feature in macOS Ventura.

Simply place your MagSafe compatible iPhone (iPhone 12 and later) against the powerful magnetic mount and start chatting or streaming hands-free. With the magnetic iPhone mount, you can use it in portrait or landscape mode for video calls.  And when it’s not used with a MacBook, the mount also doubles as a ring grip and kickstand.

BlueFIN treadmill desk

Nothing says productivity more than an under desk walking treadmill. Cue the BlueFIN treadmill desk. If the sedentary nature of sitting at your desk  catches up with you- this neat device can help and has many health benefits. It helps get blood flowing to the brain and can ease joint pain and boost immune function, among other things.

Aero lamp Stem Grow Light

Aero lamp Stem Grow Light is a great techie option. Stylish, modern, and easy-to-use grow lights that help your houseplants thrive. These lights ensure your houseplants get the perfect amount of light – anywhere in your home or office year-round. Smart technology, connected through the AeroGarden app, allows users to control the lights’ on/off timer, light intensity, and color mode to facilitate plant growth, all from your phone.



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