Offer Posts Get Prominent New “Deals” Tab on Mobile, Callouts in Maps App

<br /> Offer Posts Get Prominent New “Deals” Tab on Mobile, Callouts in Maps App – Whitespark

If you manage a Google Business Profile, be it your own or a client’s, you know the benefit of updating your profile with regular Offer Posts. This type of Post is prominently featured on the business profile, making searchers aware of deals or special offers to encourage them to become customers. Offer Posts are more important than ever now that Google has rolled out some small but valuable changes to how these Posts are viewed.

Offer Posts More Visible Than Ever on Mobile 

When looking at a business profile in the Google Maps app, the Offer Post is now featured in a new and extremely prominent way: just below the business name, reviews, and today’s hours. It’s marked with a tag icon (a symbol associated with all Offer Posts).

Screenshot of the a Google Business Profile in the Maps App, showing a section that reads "Offer".

Offer Posts can now also be found under the new “Deals” tab on mobile browsers.

A screenshot of a Google Business Profile in search via mobile, showing off the new section "Deals" where offer posts now live

This was also confirmed by our fellow SEO, Claire Carlile.

Offer Posts Missing from Desktop Google Post Carousel

Offer Posts published for many of our clients are no longer featured in the Google Post carousel view on Desktop. As you can see in the image below, the Offer Post, which was published between the two Posts in the carousel, is not visible unless you click to view all posts.

Screenshot showcasing Offer Posts Missing from Desktop Google Post Carousel

The “From the Owner” section of the business profile in Maps does not feature Offer Posts, even if it was the most recent Google Post.

The "From the Owner" section features an Update Post which was posted a week before the Offer Post.

What Might These Changes Mean?

Our prediction is that Google is working on moving Offer Posts into its own tab separate from Google Post updates, similar to what happened with Product Posts. In the past, you were able to only post Products as a Google Post type. Today, Products have their own tab in the Google Business Profile dashboard as well as the Knowledge Panel, across all devices and apps. 

Could this be the future of Offer Posts? Only time will tell, but it seems likely that Google is moving in this direction, especially since following a Business Profile to get notified of new Offers is a thing of the past.

To recap, our prediction is as follows:

  • Google Posts = Updates or “From the Owner” tab
  • Product Posts = Products tab
  • Offer Posts = Deals tab

Do you think Google is working on pivoting Offer Posts to its own section? Are these predictions reasonable based on your experience with Google Business Profiles? Let’s start a conversation down below — we would love to hear your thoughts!

Interested in learning more about your Google Business Profile?

Our Definitive Guide to Google Business Profile Optimization is a deep dive into all things GBP, including a full history of the beloved Google Product for small biz owners and local SEOs.

We highly recommend adding this resource to your SEO tool belt to help make your Google Business Profile the best it can be.


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