Google powers up to boost your video marketing!

Google is making huge steps in driving video marketing campaigns, with the release of Demand Gen and Video View campaigns! And the best part? It’s making video marketing even more affordable, simple, and accessible for small businesses!

Google’s latest announcement brings exciting AI software tools designed to enhance video campaigns and boost demand. The introduction of Demand Gen and Video Views campaigns aims to facilitate the distribution of your best performing visual assets across various platforms, including YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail.

Sales, sales, sales – It’s all about AI, baby

Leveraging AI capabilities, Video Views campaigns focus on increasing viewership across in-stream, in-feed, and YouTube Shorts content. Preliminary testing reveals that these campaigns generate an average of 40% more views compared to traditional skippable ads. With these advancements, Google continues its AI-driven approach to campaign performance optimisation, especially in the realm of video-based campaigns.

The focus on YouTube aligns with research showing that 87% of consumers rely on the platform to make purchasing decisions faster!

Google’s commitment to AI innovation empowers marketers to achieve broader reach, drive action, and enhance measurement in an increasingly personalised and competitive digital landscape. As the company prepares to phase out third-party cookies, these tools provide alternative means for marketers to target campaigns effectively.

Get to know Demand Gen…

With Demand Gen campaigns, marketers can leverage immersive creatives to inspire action and conversions at pivotal moments. These campaigns integrate top-performing video and image assets across YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail, which collectively reach over 3 billion monthly users.

The new construction flow of Demand Gen streamlines asset integration into Google Ads, providing marketers with previews of how their assets will appear. By utilising tailored creatives and lookalike segments based on audience lists, marketers can make their campaigns even more relevant and impactful.

…And its partner, Video View

Video View campaigns, powered by Google AI, enable brands to maximise views across various formats, including in-stream, in-feed, and YouTube Shorts.

Early testing demonstrates an average increase of 40% in views compared to skippable cost-per-view campaigns. Samsung Germany, for instance, successfully engaged its target Gen S audience during the holiday season, achieving a 94% incremental reach and reduced CPMs with Video View campaigns.

Businesses can also leverage AI-powered insights to measure the incremental impact of their campaigns, including brand lift, search lift, and data-driven attribution. As Google prepares for a broader rollout later this year, we’re eagerly awaiting features and campaigns that we can use to drive your success through these innovative solutions!

Let’s power up your small business with sales-driving video marketing!

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