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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than one billion users. It provides a social space for people to share photos and videos with their followers, and in return, receive likes and comments. It’s quite addictive to scroll through a feed of beautiful photos and follow inspiring accounts. Consequently, users are looking for the best Instagram app to increase the number of followers and likes.

While there are numerous Instagram apps with varying features, not all of them are effective. However, some apps have emerged as the most effective tools that guarantee the best results. Below are some of the best Instagram apps for more likes and followers.

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Subscriber Z is a dedicated Instagram followers and likes-getting website. Not only does it provide organic and authentic followers, but also genuine likes, viewpoints, and comments. You can use the website to increase your followers and likes without needing to follow other accounts or liking other people’s posts. They have a variety of packages available, and they range from $1.99 to $288.99 depending on your choice. All you have to do is select your package of choice and proceed to make your payment. You can get started here.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a built-in tool that provides users with a comprehensive set of metrics on their accounts’ performance. It offers insights on the followers count, engagement rates, post reach, and impressions. With the data, users can identify the type of content that resonates with their audience and attract more followers. Additionally, it gives insights into the best time to post, the demographics of the audience, and the location. This app is available for all Instagram business accounts, which makes it beneficial for users who want to leverage the platform for business marketing.


Canva is an app that provides users with photo and graphic design tools that help to create content that stands out on Instagram. It has numerous pre-made templates, social media graphics, and design elements that users can customize to fit their brand. Instagram revolves around visual content, and Canva’s design tools can help users make their accounts eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. It also provides tutorials on graphic design and content creation, which can be helpful to beginners.

Stories Edit

Stories Edit is a dedicated app that provides users with a selection of Instagram stories’ templates and content creation tools. Instagram stories are a popular aspect of the app because they are immersive and easy to consume. Stories Edit enables users to create and edit Instagram stories effortlessly. Users can add music, captions, and backgrounds, as well as video clips and photos. It can also help to increase engagement rates and attract new followers.


Hootsuite is another all-in-one app that enables users to manage multiple social media accounts. It provides scheduling, content creation, and analytics tools that help to maximize performance on the platform. Users can pre-schedule Instagram posts and avoid the hassle of manual publishing. It also allows teams to collaborate and work on the same account, reducing the workload and increasing productivity. Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management app that can benefit users who have multiple social media accounts to manage.


Later is an Instagram scheduling app that enables users to plan and schedule posts ahead of time. The app offers a drag-and-drop calendar that allows users to schedule posts quickly and intuitively. It also has a media library that stores all your images and videos for repetitive use. Additionally, Later provides users with a platform to preview posts and ensure that they fit the brand aesthetic.


This app provides a safe and reliable way to gain Instagram followers and likes by allowing users to earn coins through liking and following other users’ accounts. These coins can then be exchanged for followers and likes on their own account. Getinsta also ensures the security and privacy of its users’ accounts, with no risk of account suspension or hacking. It offers a user-friendly interface and a 24/7 customer support system.

Hashtags For Likes

Lastly, “Hashtags for likes” is an app that helps users discover relevant hashtags to include in their posts to increase visibility and reach. The app suggests the most popular and trending hashtags in various categories to help users reach a wider audience.


In conclusion, Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can benefit users in several ways. However, to achieve maximum benefits, Instagram apps can help users to attract more followers and likes. While there are several apps available, not all of them are effective. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right app for your business or personal brand. The aforementioned apps are some of the best Instagram apps that can help to increase your followers and likes.

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