SEO News – Social Media is the New Search Engine

The future of SEO and search engines has a new address: social media. According to HubSpot’s Social Media Report, a whopping 82% of businesses predict that consumers will discover brands through social platforms rather than traditional search engines. The shift is monumental – here’s why it matters, especially for small business marketing – from our SEO and social media agency in Melbourne.

Social Shopping Revolution

With 70% of brands directly selling products on social media and 80% investing in advertising on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, businesses are seizing the opportunity to connect with consumers where they spend their digital time. It’s not just a trend; it’s a shift cemented by changing customer service dynamics.

The Rise of Social Customer Service

As traditional telephone customer service becomes a relic of the past, 74% of organisations forecast social media as the preferred avenue for customer service. Consumers now favour direct messages over enduring endless hold times. Julie Lock, Marketing Director at HubSpot, emphasises the importance of adapting engagement strategies to meet customers on their preferred platforms.

TikTok Takes Centre Stage

It’s not just any social media platform leading the charge; it’s TikTok. A whopping 55% of businesses believe in TikTok’s unparalleled potential for growth, eclipsing stalwarts like Instagram at 8%. The younger generation’s love for TikTok is steering the trend, making it clear that social media has evolved into a powerful search engine.

Social Media: The New Search Engine

People spend an average of 65 minutes daily scrolling through social media platforms, signalling a paradigm shift in user behaviour. Social media is no longer solely a means of connecting with friends and family; it has transformed into a dynamic search engine.

Social Media as a Search Engine: The Stats

This 2023 State of Social and User-Generated Content Report shows that a staggering 75.78% of consumers use social media to search for or discover new products and brands. What’s more, 68.75% have made purchases based on social media content. It’s a testament to the pivotal role social media plays in the consumer journey.

How Consumers Use Social Media as a Search Engine

Consumers leverage social media as a search engine by using platform-specific search functions. The search bar on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allows users to explore specific terms or hashtags. This basic search evolves when users follow brands and influencers, seeking peer-endorsed products. Platforms’ “explore” or “discover” sections further aid users in finding new products based on their interests.

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Social Media

For small businesses to harness social media as a search engine, a consistent and active presence on popular platforms is essential. The key lies in optimising content for search by using relevant keywords and hashtags, captivating visuals, and incorporating links to websites and products. Interacting with followers, responding to comments and messages, and employing paid advertising further enhance a brand’s visibility.

As social platforms continue to evolve into comprehensive search engines, brands must stay attuned to SEO strategies tailored for these platforms. The social media search engine is just the beginning, and the future promises a consolidated marketing funnel within these dynamic platforms. To stay ahead, brands must anticipate consumer trends shaping the social media landscape in the coming year.

In conclusion, the future of search engines is unmistakably intertwined with social media—a digital frontier where brands connect, consumers explore, and the search for products seamlessly converges with social interactions. Get ready to ride the wave of change, where social media is not just a platform; it’s your brand’s search engine success story!

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