How To Turn off Annoying Facebook Messenger Notification Sounds?

Once upon a time, the Messenger sound used to be the sweetest melody in our ears. It meant someone had texted you and was thinking about you.

Fast track to this year, about a billion people receive hundreds of texts on the move or when idle. The default sound is the most familiar sound on earth.

Imagine you are in a café, and the only sound you notice is the ping of constant texting by the people around you. What comes to your mind next? How to turn off Facebook Messenger notification sounds to stop feeling irritated.

It is quite a simple process, and let us show you how you can do it without anybody’s assistance.


Reasons to Find Facebook Messenger Sounds Annoying

annoying facebook messenger sounds


First of all, people are always texting on their phones. The majority of them use Facebook Messenger, which comes with a default alert that you hear every time somebody receives a message.

Now there are various versions to stop it from happening. One main reason is one-word texting. Nowadays, we do not finish a message in a whole paragraph. We break apart the message into multiple texts. So each time the person taps send button, you receive a ping.

It can get on your nerves at some point. Another reason is the funeral or a serious meeting. Imagine a loud ping amidst the deadly silence, and every face turns towards you.

The last common problem is mistaking the sound to be your incoming text. It happens in crowded areas like parks, programs, cafes, etc.

Now, what is your reason to mute that messenger sound?


How to Disable Facebook Messenger Sounds: Android

ways to disable facebook messenger sound on android


Give the following steps a try to get rid of the notification sound of the Messenger on Android phones:

  • Launch your Facebook Messenger
  • There is a profile icon in the upper left corner. Tap the icon.
  • A list will appear; scroll down to Preferences
  • Tap the Notifications & Sounds option
  • A new page will show up with various choices.
  • You can change the text sound under Notification Sound
  • Or tap the toggle on the top to turn off all the sounds
  • A popup window will appear to ask how long you want to mute the sound
  • Just pick the convenient option; you can disable it later.


How to Disable Facebook Messenger Sounds: iOS

ways to disable facebook messenger sound on ios


Even iOS users have similar issues with the noise. Fortunately, you can stop the sound from there as well. It is also an easy-peasy method:

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger
  • You will see your profile icon right where it should be – top left corner
  • Some models have Settings at the bottom right section instead of the profile
  • Go to the Notifications
  • Tap the toggle next to Mute to activate it
  • Set the duration, it is available for twenty-four hours top.


Final Words

As you turn off Facebook Messenger sounds for your desired time, you will love the silence it rewards you with.

Besides, we encourage you to use the vibration mode. This will assist you avoid any message unread.


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