How to Farm Tech Parts – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Guide

Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2 are needed to upgrade gadgets and suit tech and unlock suits, so they’re pertinent resources to look out for. There are two collectibles sure to reward Tech Parts in the world in Spider-Man 2: Tech Crates and Spider-Bots, neither of which are automatically tracked on your map. Here’s how to easily find these caches of tech parts to farm tech parts in Spider-Man 2.


How to Track Tech Crates and Spider-Bots

If you need more Tech Parts and want to track down various crates or the Spider-Bots, the ‘All-Seeing’ perk within the Traversal tab of your Suit Tech tree will add Crate and Spider-bot icons to your mini-map, letting you more easily pinpoint them as you traverse around the city.

Tech Crates don’t lead to any trophies and are not tracked in any way otherwise, but they provide you with much-needed Tech Parts and Rare Tech Parts (depending on the type of crate).


Spider-Bots give you a good amount of tech parts as well and also lead to a trophy. Each one is a fun little easter egg and has a story behind it. You’ll see these in the world as a big pulsing colorful orb, and then you’ll need to search inside to find the bot.

When Should You Use Tech Parts?

In Spider-Man 2’s opening hours, you might feel inclined to upgrade every gadget and unlock every suit as soon as they become available. While you’re free to do this, it’s arguably best to hold onto resources until you unlock the Suit Tech upgrade trees, as each of these upgrades requires a decent number of Tech Parts to unlock.

Couple that with the fact that the upgrades are more often than not extremely useful, and it’s almost a no-brainer to reserve resources until you have every option available to you – Suit Tech, Gadgets, and Suits.

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