Workmen Cancel Fridge Repair Over Hilarious 4-Legged ‘Menace’

The saying “small, but mighty” rang true with one dog owner who could not get her fridge looked at because of the dog.

Nindonis Robinson posted a TikTok video on September 29 to the account @nindozone that showed a note she received from the maintenance team. The only explanation as to why they could not fix the fridge was “a dog.” And still to this day, Robinson told Newsweek she is unsure what unfolded that day.

Typically when she puts in a maintenance request, the team does not come on the same day. But, of course, that day when she was out, they came and Izzy the Chihuahua was out and about. Or as she calls her in the caption, her “menace.”

Chihuahua scares off maintenance worker
Screenshots from a viral TikTok video posted to the account @nindozone. Viewers are cracking up at the reason why the service request could not be completed.

This should be a lesson to all—don’t let the tiny stature of a dog fool you because the smallest ones always tend to be the feistiest.

“She is the boss of the house,” said Robinson. “Or I should say the boss of the block.”

Robinson thought the reasoning was hilarious because, in her eyes, Izzy is tiny and adorable. But she knows Izzy is fierce for being 11 years old.

Though small in size, standing about seven to nine inches tall and weighing only about six pounds, Chihuahuas pack a punch. But that’s mostly due to their loyalty to their family. These tiny dogs come with a lot of energy, according to PetMD. They will bark whenever they feel threatened. And if you have never heard a Chihuahua bark before, it definitely does not match their size.

What the Viewers Said

A majority of the 1.3 million viewers and nearly 340 commenters immediately started laughing as the owner panned to the dog in question. It’s hard not to laugh at this situation because well, the dog is so tiny. But as many of you probably already know, the small dog breeds are usually the ones with the most to say.

“It’s even funnier because the handwriting looks so rushed and panicky,” wrote one user.

The person was trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. Robinson said other members of the team were even poking fun at the person for being so scared of a little dog.

Another viewer commented: “My Chihuahua is super sweet and quiet unless I’m not around. He tried to eat the mailman the other day when I let him out to potty.”

Once again proving that these dogs are small but mighty.

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