Why is the Focus Suit Tech Important to Upgrade First in Spider-Man 2?

There are many powers, abilities, and gadgets to upgrade in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Knowing what to upgrade first can sometimes hurt the brain. That’s why, in this guide, I’ll be giving the reasons why you should be prioritizing the Focus Suit Tech upgrade.

Why is the Suit Tech Focus Important to Upgrade First in Spider-Man 2?

The Suit Tech Focus ability is important to upgrade first or early in Spider-Man 2 because it will give you a strong endgame. It will aid you tremendously in boss battles as well. The Focus is the bar that fills up when you successfully parry, dodge, and hit enemies without taking damage.

Having more than one Focus bar is key to surviving brawls and more. When you start Spider-Man, you’ll unlock your first Focus bar in the Sandman battle. Thereafter, you’ll unlock Suit Techs after you visit Uncle Aaron and unlock the Prowel Stath side missions.

Suit Tech upgrades enhance your Health, Damage, Focus, and Traversal. The focus bar is in the top right-hand corner under the health bar and is used to either execute a special move or to heal your Spider-Men.

In the early parts of the game, you’ll find it difficult to see out big brawls without dying (this also depends on the difficulty you choose). This is because you have to choose between healing or using a finisher. Once you’ve upgraded your focus bar to three bars, you’ll be able to heal and use special abilities without having to choose.

This nifty combat asset comes into play when you are fighting any and all of the bosses in Spider-Man 2. The boss fights are quite difficult, and to stand a chance of finishing any of them, your Suit Tech, Gadgets, Skills, and Abilities are important, giving you a major upper hand.

How Many Tech Parts Does it Cost to Upgrade Focus Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2?

To fully upgrade the focus bar to three bars, you’ll need to install five upgrades to the Focus ability under the Suit Tech tab. Here’s what it will cost to upgrade your Focus in Spider-Man 2:

The Cost of Upgrading the Focus Suit Tech

You’ll need Tech Parts, Rare Tech Parts, City Tokens, and Hero Tokens.

Spide-Man 2 Currency Costs
Tech Parts 975 TP
Rare Tech Parts 14 RTP
City Tokens 6 CT
Hero Tokens 4 HR

Upgrading to the fifth tier will unlock three Focus bars in Spider-Man 2. You’ll gain increased focus when performing stealth takedowns and using abilities on enemies. This will keep the focus flowing and means you can heal and use a finisher more frequently in fights.

Fully upgrading Spidey Focus, which should be your priority, will cost a total of:

  • 1670 Tech Parts,
  • 15 Rare Tech Parts,
  • 16 City Tokens, and
  • 22 Hero Tokens

The Hero Tokens will take the longest to obtain. But doing the right side missions will help you farm them faster.

Ability & Skill Upgrades That Work With the Focus Upgrade in Spider-Man 2

There are many abilities and skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that will work well with Focus Suit Tech. What works in your favor is that certain ability and skill upgrades work hand-in-hand with the Focus upgrade.

Fighting, parrying, and every combat move will feed the Focus bar the more you upgrade your Spider-Men. It will come to a point where your finishers will fill your special ability power meter, while using your special abilities will fill your Focus bars. It’s a win-win.

Due to this, it can be a bit daunting and overwhelming when having to choose what to upgrade first in Spider-Man 2. However, it can be a very simple task to upgrade once you know what upgrades enhance each other and improve your overall gameplay experience.

The character that Focus works perfectly with is Miles Morales. His Mega Venom Blast, once upgraded, will recharge all three Focus bars simultaneously. Once you’ve filled the Focus bars by using your Mega Blast, you must use your finishers on enemies to rebuild your L3 + R3 Mega Venom Blast.

Rinse and repeat this, and you’ll win every massive brawl that has Brutes, snipers, and fighters all in the mix. It is also very effective in the later stages of the game and when doing side missions such as the Hunter Bases. 

Peter Parker’s moves and abilities recharge in ways different from Miles. So when you can use Miles in fights, use him over Peter. It will make the job easier and progress will not take long.

If you want to learn how to defeat Brutes with ease in Spider-Man 2, you can read: Best Tactics & Moves for Brawling Big Brutes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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