When Relying On a RevOps Agency Isn’t Enough

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, having a great product or service isn’t enough. The way you manage, optimize and align your revenue operations processes can significantly impact your bottom line.

More organizations are recognizing the benefits of hiring a RevOps agency to identify and address gaps in their technology and processes.

While our team has helped many companies succeed with RevOps services, they rarely work well in a vacuum. We see the best results when our team works closely with a company’s internal team consistently over time — and as part of a larger sales and marketing strategy.

What Does a RevOps Agency Do?

Develop a Solid Revenue Strategy

A good RevOps consultant or agency excels at creating a revenue roadmap that unifies sales, marketing and customer success. They go beyond establishing alignment and dive deep into customer journeys, setting tangible revenue targets, and measuring key performance indicators.

The first step a RevOps agency usually takes is analyzing your company’s data and workflows.

They’ll take a close look at what information you’re capturing, how that data is being passed on to different teams within the organization, and what happens next.

A RevOps agency can help you identify quick wins and make long-term improvements to make your company more profitable.

For instance, they can help you understand:

  • What fields are most important to your processes? (Are you capturing data on company types, industries, job functions and geographic information?)
  • How does your company mark contacts as qualified or unqualified? Is this process automated or manual?
  • How are new contacts assigned to specific people within your company?
  • How is your company tracking your deal pipeline?
  • What integrations are in place?
  • What workflows do you have?
  • Are people opting in to receive future communications from you?

Provide Technology Recommendations

In an era dominated by technology, the tools you use can give you a competitive advantage or put you in a position where you’re unable to keep pace. A RevOps agency can recommend the best solutions for your organization, whether you need to invest in a new CRM or marketing automation platform, or you need to integrate existing solutions to improve the flow of data.

Revamp Revenue Processes

Stagnation can be a business’s worst enemy. RevOps agencies continually assess and rejuvenate your revenue generation processes. By overhauling sales funnels, refining lead nurturing and enhancing customer onboarding, they ensure every cog in your revenue wheel runs smoothly.

For instance, because your company uses multiple channels to generate leads, you might be creating duplicate contact records without realizing it. Prospects might be filling out one form on your website and another form from Facebook retargeting ads that asks for slightly different information, leading to fragmented data.

Another common scenario we see are email workflows that compete with each other, resulting in too many emails.

Manage Customer Data

In the information age, data is gold. With a focus on analytics, RevOps agencies unearth actionable insights from your sales, marketing and customer service data. By understanding customer behavior and identifying sales and revenue trends, they empower your company to make data-driven decisions.

Support Teams With Training and Coaching

The best processes and technologies are futile without skilled people to run them. RevOps agencies invest in your most valuable asset: your teams. Through tailored training programs and coaching sessions, they sharpen your employees’ skills, ensuring they’re always ahead of the curve

Report on Revenue Metrics

Visibility is crucial. Regular reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) gives you a clear picture of where you stand. A RevOps agency keeps all your stakeholders informed, highlighting successes and areas of improvement.

Support Customer Success

Acquiring a customer is just the beginning of the journey. Recognizing that it’s more profitable to keep existing customers than acquire new ones, some RevOps agencies also focus on optimizing customer satisfaction, retention and upsell opportunities.

RevOps Is Just One Piece of Your Sales and Marketing Plan

Hiring a RevOps agency will help you get off to a great start and offer ongoing support. However, RevOps agencies have their specific focus, and tend to have limited insight into a bigger picture.

They will audit your existing email workflows and offer recommendations for improving them, but they won’t necessarily write emails with more compelling subject lines or deploy attractive designs that improve conversions.

They can tell you how to improve your lead scoring processes and pass more qualified leads to the sales team, but they typically aren’t experts when it comes to generating new leads.

They won’t develop eye-catching ads, content optimized for search or resources to educate people throughout the buyer’s journey.

To make the most of your efforts, you’ll need to handle those efforts internally or potentially hire several different agencies. This means spending more of your time coordinating communication between them, ensuring they are all aligned to your company’s strategy and working with each other on various tactics.

This quickly becomes exhausting and expensive. And, if experience is any indicator, it seldom works.

Partnering with a full-service marketing agency lays the foundation for better communication. Not only will you minimize the number of conversations, but you’ll improve consistency across all your marketing and sales activities.

Get the Best of a RevOps Agency and a Full-Service Marketing Agency With Kuno Creative

We often work with companies who have hired a RevOps consultant for a specific project, such as implementing technology or updating workflows, and they come to us because they haven’t been able to sustain success after that project ended.

This is usually due to several reasons:

  • They failed to update their processes to align with new technology
  • Their sales and marketing team weren’t adequately trained on how to use the technology and processes consistently
  • The previous agency wasn’t focused on improving lead generation and optimizing conversions in addition to improving RevOps
  • The agency didn’t take the initiative to fully understand their client’s data and processes and obtain the information they needed to make the best recommendations.

When you hire Kuno Creative, you’re hiring more than a RevOps agency. You’re teaming up with a talented team of content writers, demand generation specialists, SEO analysts, graphic designers and web developers who will accelerate the progress you make by improving revenue operations and aligning RevOps with your sales and marketing strategies.

Our team performs a full audit of your sales and marketing efforts, including:

  • How your company is positioned among your competitors within the industry
  • How well your brand identity conveys this through messaging and visual elements
  • How well your website and content are structured to rank for search and drive qualified traffic
  • Mapping your website user experience and identifying opportunities to improve conversions
  • How much your competitors are spending on paid advertising, and where you’ll get the best return on investment
  • Reviewing your technology stack and integrations, auditing forms and providing recommendations to improve lead scoring, workflow automation, reporting and more

If you’re ready to see real returns with a full-service approach that addresses revenue operations as part of a sales and marketing whole, schedule a consultation today.

Align your sales and marketing teams with sales enablement solutions from Kuno Creative

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