What the Tech: Keeping your computer working

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Not long ago, computers had a lifespan of about 6 years. Not anymore. If you take a few steps to keep them running, a computer is perfectly fine for over 10 years.

The biggest culprits that kill computers too soon are viruses and spyware. Clicking on a malicious link in an email or a website can install computer killers. Those links can look legitimate and even be included in a Facebook or Google ad. Windows and Macs have their

Own anti-virus software and spyware blockers. Make sure they’re installed and active.

And never give someone the remote control of your computer. These scammers might say they’re with Microsoft. They’ll ask you to type a few letters in a box so they can make repairs. Instead, they’re installing viruses, spyware, and programs that steal your information.

If your machine gets infected, don’t throw it away immediately. CCleaner is free software that scans and cleans out the registry.

Keep it cool by cleaning out the vents with a can of compressed air. The age-old question is, should you turn it off or leave it on? Don’t turn it off every night, but do it once a week to install updates.

Lastly, upgrade the hard drive to a solid state or SSD. They don’t have spinning parts that can go bad. Unless you know what you’re doing, find a computer repair shop that’ll install it for you.

You probably don’t want to spend $200 to repair a $300 computer. Otherwise, save money and save the environment by keeping the computer you have now last a lot longer.

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