Track Those Leftovers With This Little Timer

We’ve all at some position in our lives opened the fridge door and straight away wished we hadn’t. A miasma of stench envelops us as we learn that last Saturday’s leftovers have been forgotten, and have long gone off. If only we had some way to keep monitor of this kind of points, to prevent this sort of a stench-laden instant. Move ahead [ThinkLearnDo], with a minimal timer built for particularly that intent.

The procedure is straightforward plenty of, push the button and position the unit on major of the container with the leftovers in it. If you have not eaten the leftovers inside of a 7 days, the LED will start blinking. The blink is a subtle reminder to deal with the previous meals just before it will become a problem.

Onboard is a Holtek HT68F001 microcontroller with a coin cell for electrical power, not a great deal else is essential. The Holtek is an unconventional selection, one of quite a few models of tremendous-cheap Chinese microcontrollers we see much less generally than ATmegas and STM32s. This is exactly the position wherever these types of a minimal laptop or computer suits properly:  a way to include a little little bit of smarts to a incredibly low-priced merchandise with nominal strain on the BoM.

If these chips interest you, a though back we included a operate-down of the unique families including the Holtek and the popular 3-cent Padauk chips.

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