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One of my favorite tech gadgets this year doesn’t require batteries, electricity, or an internet connection.

It’s a desktop glass dry-erase whiteboard. How many times have you needed to jot down a phone number, an idea, or a note and can’t find a pen and paper?

The desktop whiteboard from Quartet sits behind the keyboard. There’s a place for dry erase markers so one is always handy. Jot down the note and when you’re done, wipe it off. I picked one up at Amazon for around $30 but they’re available at many office supply stores.

Speaking of keyboards, if dad is still using one that connects with a wire, update his space with a Bluetooth model. One from Logitech has a tray to prop up a phone. It’ll connect to the computer but can switch to typing on a phone, tablet, or another computer. I got one from Office Depot for around $65. Logitech has less expensive versions too.

If dad’s still Zooming business meetings you can improve his appearance with a new webcam with a built-in light. Anker’s all-in-one video bar also has speakers to better hear his co-workers, and 4 microphones so his co-workers hear him clearly. Anker calls it “voice radar” to prevent hearing anything in the background, like the neighbor’s lawnmower or the kids walking into the room during a meeting.

The sound quality isn’t as good as a dedicated microphone and speakers or headphones. But it’s a good replacement for the camera, lights, mic, and speakers if he wants to clear off his desk space.

The Anker B600 video bar is around $220.

Dads don’t mind practical gifts especially if they help him declutter his workspace and make his job easier.

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