Best Racing Games for Android

A racing Game is a video game genre in which many participants are in a racing competition. These games can be based on anything like fantastical settings or real-world racing leagues. They are distributed along a spectrum between more fantastical arcade-style racing games and more realistic racing simulations. The craze for the racing game has just increased over time as they provide fun and save you from boredom. It is no doubt an exciting source of entertainment.

At times professional racing simulator gamers object to considering Android’s selection of racing games. Still, most people will be amazed to see the unbelievable range of high-quality racing games that are available to Android users. On Android, there are racing downloadable games for everyone. Such fun, that has been refined over the years, is particularly well suited to the touch-screen, allowing the players to race.

In many games, however, driving is part of the fun, such as BGMI, Freefire, and more. Although, these are not racing games because of the fact that these games don’t involve racing competition and levels of racing. Racing games involve complete racing simulation with low to challenging high levels where you compete with your opponents to finish the lap in less or the required time. These games create high dopamine in the brain as you hit the opponents, do some stunts, gain coins, unlock levels, unlock cities, unlock maps, unlock cars, upgrade your vehicle speed, do more drifts, upgrade its engine, change vehicle color, and whatnot.

There are numerous options to choose from. The mentioned below are ten of the best racing games available via the Google Play Store.

List of Best Racing Games for Android 2022

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is currently a top-rated game available on the Google Play Store. It skips almost all the pretensions of realism and delivers an over-the-top experience with all perfect fixings. The players in this game can pay (or work) their way through the career mode and unlock enjoyable new rides or even upgrade the already existing ones. It even lets you race online against opponents with a total of eight-car races that are fast and wild.

The game is one of the best-racing franchises for android phones that features high-octane racing with a total count of 50 top racing cars in the world.

Key Features of Asphalt 9: Legends

  • Auto and manual racing control are there.
  • Over 150 of the world’s A-branded fast-speed motor machines collect
  • Event and Career mode that lets you embark on the real street racing journey with around 900 events and 60 seasons
  • Multiplayer mode and racing club that will take your car to real-street racing action

Data Wing

Data Wing is an outstanding game that comes 100% free. The game is exciting with no nonsense at all. It is a racing adventure via pure neon style. The striking visual styling of this game makes it even more lovable. Every minute I spent using Data Wing was enjoyable and easy because the touch controls are sharp and incredibly on point, the levels look amusing, and it got a fantastic skill ceiling.

I liked everything about this game; the best part is- it is free, and there are no IAPs or ads. Data Wing is a brilliant little game you can spend your time on.

Key Features of Data Wing

  • An outstanding soundtrack from the world-class producers
  • An amazingly stylish 2D racer- Touch Arcade
  • A 2+ hour story and over 40 levels
  • An intuitive two-touch controls along with an arcade feel

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a tremendous racing game that is bound to keep hardcore gearheads remain entertained. The game puts the real brand name on real-world tracks (as the name suggests). It features an amusing asynchronous multiplayer system whereby the lap times are nicely recorded by your friends, and you get to race with speed against a bot that is driving at the very same time. On the way, you can bump them and affect their track time.

Over the hours, players earn many new cars and can upgrade different mechanical bits with their winnings, while making sure that they keep their car in such a good state that you save repair costs. Overall, the game is gorgeous and its white-knuckled racing action keeps you coming back for more.

Key features of Real Racing 3

  • Let’s you relive your races by providing a replay option
  • Has over 300+ branded vehicles available
  • Let you compete in up to 4,000 events on racetracks that are designed after real locations all around the world 

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is a fantastic and gorgeous racing game from Pixelbite that sees you steering different vehicles around 36 routes and over six different environments. There are around 28 vehicles to choose from, and a ton of events and modes.

The game has eye-popping graphics along with an all-new Gymkhana mode. It also has the latest selection of trucks and cars to date.

Key Features of Reckless Racing 3

  • Customizable touch controls
  • Arcade, Career, and Single Event game modes
  • Full gamepad support
  • Features an optional IAPs for those players who wish to unlock things quicker

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a joyful retro-style racer that comes with gameplay reminiscent of the old classic 80s arcade racer Pole Position. There is a lot of fun to unfold in this game. Horizon Chase features colorful and bright retro graphics and up to 70 tracks spanning over 32 cities.

In this game, you have to start each race from the back of a pack of 20-car and must weave all of your way past opponents to take over the crown. Keep winning and upgrade or unlock over 16 available cars. Race through colorful and bright locales in this game, which delivers a joyous arcade action without or with a controller in hand.

Key Features of Horizon Chase

  • There is a 16-bit graphic reinvented
  • Provides a tour through many of the world’s horizons
  • Berry Leitch presented by horizon chase is the musician behind the classic arcade racing games

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free-to-play game. It presents an enjoyable time racing. And got plenty of vehicles to unlock, customization for both characters and cars, upgrades to purchase, and other different game modes like offline Arcade and Adventure.

The game challenges to beat everyone that is there on the bottom and top of the hills. There are a few vehicles to upgrade to purchase, unlock, and customization to explore. Overall, as the name suggests, the game is centralized on climbing and descending the hills as you race others.

Key Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

  • Let you unlock over 20 vehicles
  • Allows you to customize your character as well as your car
  • There is a classic adventure mode
  • Stunt tricks and arcade fun


CSR 2 Racing is an interesting and clean-cut drag game. Here, the players don’t have to worry about steering; all they need to do is nicely time their gear changes. And the indicators tell them when they should take the next shift. In this game, you should focus on pulling across the finish line much before your opponent and in turn earn some winnings.

Here, premium currency is used for buying high-end cars, while the standard currency is used for purchasing others and upgrading certain specific parts such as the engine, gearbox, intake, and body. The games feature over 100 licensed racing cars that can be customized and upgraded.

Key Features of CSR 2

  • Customize the car you need to have for climbing the hill
  • Restore your amazing rides to their former glory in the Legends workshop

No limit to the 3d tuning of your cars

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is not just for cars. There is a tragic shortage of great motorcycle racers on Android, but you can never go wrong with this application. Here, you won’t be just racing; stunts are a crucial part of topping the leaderboards.

The game is not for those who wish to have a realistic racing game, but when it comes to sheer fun, it stands head and shoulders above most other racing applications. It is one of the best motorcycle racing games available for Android on the Google play store.

Key Features of Trials Frontier

  • It is a physics-based gameplay.
  • Hundreds (250+) of trailblazing tracks are available to race on
  • Hundreds (250+) of challenging missions are there, with 50+ hours of story-driven gameplay.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is one of the best and most prominent names in the world of racing games, and after a certain period of wonky design choices, the game has finally come into its very own. Mario Kart is a classic experience built especially for mobiles, with many exciting features. The word “Tour” in this game refers to the courses that are inspired by many real-world locations.

It is a multiplayer game that you can play locally as well as globally against any of your friends and even strangers.

Key Features of Mario Kart Tour

  • The game challenges players worldwide in multiplayer
  • The game can be customized with certain rules, such as team or individual races, some item slots, and kart speed.
  • Let’s you collect badges, karts, and more
  • Free to start, with an in-app purchase

Assoluto Racing

Assoluto Racing is an excellent balance between arcade and realistic racing mechanics. The game is a competitive track racing game that takes the power of realistic physics, letting you drift while you stay in absolute control of your car.

A lot of customization is there in the game, and it’s not just visual. While using Assoluto Racing, you can adjust the gear torque, ratios, and horsepower or even install a new suspension that can suit your preferences. If you are someone who likes tinkering with cars and researching for the option in any situation should give a try to Assoluto Racing game.  

Key features of Assoluto Racing

  • An amazingly true physics engine on the phone that will prove an unmatched control under the hood and on the road.
  • Let’s improve redline RPM, change chamber, adjust gear ratios, reduce weight, and more.
  • Purchase, tune, and customize your dream car
  • Jump online to drift and race against live opponents

Over to You: Best Racing Games for Android 2022

Racing games are one of the best things to enjoy with a friend. You can pick up some of the most loved Android Racing games out of the above. From highly detailed cars or bikes to normal ones, we have tried to cover all the best racing games for you.

You definitely need a better high-end gaming smartphone to enjoy high graphics, and high-sized games such as Asphalt or you may call battery death or short life of your smartphone. You can trust Apple Phones, Google Phones, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme smartphones for a seamless gaming experience. With a high-end mobile, you can not only enjoy Racing games, but also play Arcade games, Multiplayer games, Cricket games, Simulation Games, Puzzle games, Football Games, and Badminton games with great leisure.

I hope this article helped you choose a suitable racing game for yourself.

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