What Are the Best Electronics to Resell? 

The best electronics to resell always vary based on market demand, brand, current trends, and consumer preferences. At the same time, certain electronic gadgets appear to retain their resale value better than others consistently. So, what are good gadgets to resell? Let’s find out.

Best Electronics to Resell

1. Smartphones

But not all smartphones, of course. While newer cell models tend to sell well, some brands make a significantly better investment. For example, you might find it challenging to flip a Motorola. Yet, an iPhone is a hot resale item, with the Samsung Galaxy S series being a close second. The iPhone dominates the smartphone market, no secret there. iPhones do sell. As for Android phones, newer Galaxy S, as well as the latest Google or OnePlus phones, can bring profit. However, do not buy the older Android models and the budget versions, like the Galaxy A series, to resell. These phones depreciate way too quickly. Even the fancy (and expensive) Galaxy Z Fold is much more challenging to resell and can potentially make you lose money. You must know your customer.

2. High-End Laptops and Tablets

Quality laptops and tablets from popular brands tend to retain value better. Look for devices with good specifications and features. Most gaming laptops (think Alienware, Asus ROG, MSI) resell well. At the same time, cheap Chromebooks, or those brands you would typically find on Walmart shelves, become unsellable as soon as you take them out of the box. 

3. Camera Gear

DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and high-quality used lenses can have a good resale value, especially if they are in excellent condition. You might even have some luck with reselling accessories, like Manfrotto tripods and grips.

4. Gaming Consoles

Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are usually in high demand, especially around the holiday season or when new models are released.

5. Audio Equipment

Professional audio equipment from reputable brands often has a resale market, especially if it is in good condition. Stay away from consumer-oriented headphones, even if they are Beats and gaming headsets.

6. Apple Watches

When considering smartwatches, primarily look at Apple. Apple Watch can be in demand, especially when the new model is released. On the other hand, Samsung smartwatches are in low demand and lose value way too quickly. The same goes for Fitbit and other fitness tracker brands.  

7. Collectible Vintage Electronics

Collectors sometimes seek vintage electronics, such as retro gaming consoles, old audio equipment, and classic film cameras. But then again, a vintage Machintosh can bring you profit. But a vintage Dell Inspiron is a liability that you must recycle properly, as there is no money to be made. 

8. Drones

Higher-end drones with advanced features (especially commercial ones) can have good resale potential.

Pitfalls of the Electronics Resale Market

Jumping into the used electronics resale market can be risky. First, prepare to make (and learn from) a number of mistakes. For example, grabbing some older tech for cheap might seem like a great idea at first. Only to realize later that your purchase has lost most of its value. Or be met with a complete market disinterest. 

You must acquire specific knowledge to test the gadgets. Even if, say, the phone you want to buy powers on and all seems fine, things like water damage are difficult to spot and way too expensive to repair. You also need to make sure the device you plan on buying to resell is paid off and is no longer on the contract (i.e., know how to do an IMEI check, etc.) 

Then, there is tedious competition, constant price undercutting, and sourcing problems. High shipping costs if offering that option and selling fees when using platforms like eBay. The used electronics market is a highly saturated one. 

Bottom Line

When considering what electronics to resell, it’s crucial to research the current demand, check online marketplaces, and stay informed about the latest product releases. Keep in mind that the electronics market is dynamic, and consumer preferences can change rapidly. Additionally, be transparent about the condition of the items you sell and provide accurate product descriptions to build trust with potential audiences. Finally, if you are not up on all the latest tech trends or have no time for research, it is best to leave it to professionals. Should you need help with your pre-owned electronics to resell, Gadget Salvation can make you an offer and help you navigate this sometimes confusing tech resale market.

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