Ranked: Top 20 Most Wanted Products on Amazon Right Now

Amazon is the go-to platform for all needs, including electronics, video games, beauty and personal care, home and kitchen, pet supplies, and many more. You can navigate through the Amazon platform easily, as each product has its own allocated segment. In fact, Amazon delivers customers’ orders to more than 100 countries except Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria.

So far in 2023, the US has shown it is the home of Amazon, as the online retail company has recorded most of its sales from the region. In the global avenue, we have also gathered the top 20 products that had been shipped to people around other places of the world, and the emerging ones for the year for individuals looking to start off a new online business. This piece used the data obtained from the Exploding Topics, using tools from Ahrefs to rank each product. 

Quick Overview 

  • Amazon remains a go-to platform for online shopping, with significant global search volumes for a wide range of products.
  • In 2023, the most searched product on Amazon in the US is the Nintendo Switch, highlighting the popularity of video games.
  • Electronics dominate the top 20 searched products on Amazon, both in the US and globally, reflecting the ongoing demand for tech gadgets.
  • Emerging products in 2023 include Airpods, Air Fryers, Earbuds, Smartwatches, and Office Chairs, indicating shifts in consumer preferences and needs.
  • While it’s expected that electronic items will continue to be in high demand in 2024, consumer preferences can change, and new products may impact future trends.

Top 20 Most Wanted Products on Amazon in the US in 2023

Top 20 Most Wanted Products on Amazon in the US in 2023

Amazon has many products traded on the platforms by different sellers. In the top 20 rank, the most wanted product category by the US customers is the electronics; home and kitchen comes as the next most demanded category, while Furniture also features in top. Categorically, the video games appear as the products with the most searched volume. 

Nintendo Switch, with 1.26 million searches, shows that people in the US are addicted to video games. With more than 1.1 million searches on the platform, laptops are the second most searched products, representing the category for electronics. Recently in October, Amazon offered attractive discounts on laptops, which could have added to the reasons for this gigantic number of searches.

Airpods, headphones, and wireless earbuds represent electronics with 856,000, 788,000, and 703,000 searches on the affiliate marketing platform. A good reason for the high demand in these products could be as a result of high remote work and online learning. Since covid-19, there’s been a huge rise for remote and hybrid systems of working, attributing to the growing demand for these audio devices.

In the US, the iPad commands half of the tablet market. With 697,000 searches, this shows that Amazon is one of the go-to vendors that could have sold more of these tablet devices by Apple. In seventh is Fire Stick, with 622,000 searches on Amazon in the United States. The launch of new and powerful Fire TV Sticks, with the introduction of new features to the Fire TV experience leads to an increasing demand.

SSD, another electronic gadget on Amazon, accounts for 610,000. Fitbit represents the health and fitness tech category, and accounts for 591,000 searches on Amazon. Kindle and TV maintain the tenth and eleventh position with each having 582,000 and 580,000 searches. Air Fryer is a home and kitchen appliance, and has been entered 561,000 into the Amazon search box.

At seventh is the Instant Pot, with 494,000 searches in the US, proving that the 7-in-1 pot is worth its value which goes for as low as 99.99 USD. Micro SD cards have seen 493,000 searches throughout the year, with gaming chairs providing comfort while gaming has entered for more than 482,000. Lastly in twentieth is the Apple watch, surpassing 480,000 times the people in the US looked up the product on Amazon. 

Top 20 Most Wanted Products on Amazon Globally in 2023

Top 20 Most Wanted Products on Amazon Globally in 2023

Globally, video games have been accepted as it tends to be in the US. Electronics still show dominance in global request, while the toys and let games category comes into play in Amazon global product demand. Somehow, health matters, and people won’t seize to demand for a health related product, wrapping up the top 20 product categories.

Video games have been in existence for many years, so it’s not a surprise to see why the searches on Amazon have reached 3.150 million for Nintendo Switch. We’re in the global where everything is done online, and to make work easier, laptop is your best friend. The Amazon search result had in 2023 received more than 2.460 million traffic on the ‘laptop‘ keyword. 

So far in 2023, SSD has been another keyword entered into the Amazon search engine over 2.30 million times. PS4 has also seen interaction on the platform search with more than 1.770 million entries. The fifth item searched the most on Amazon is Kindle, talking about how much people had invested their time on Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. 

Airpods and iPad in sixth and seventh had seen their searches reach 1.690 million and 1.650 million. People have also searched for Tablets on Amazon a number of times reaching 1.440 million. While talking about IoT, Alexa is that product that was searched around 1.400 million on the affiliate marketing platform as people are transforming from a traditional home to a smart home. 

The global search for headphones on Amazon has reached 1.380 million, while iPhone has been one of the best cell phone gadgets with its latest release of 15 series – with a global search of 1.360 million on Amazon. Lego, under the category of toys and games on Amazon, has accumulated 1.290 million global searches, showing that kids are also inclusive. On the other hand, ‘switch’ has 1.230 million searches. 

Fitbit, health and fitness, sits fourteenth with 1.150 million searches on Amazon. TV is one of the important and common gadgets found in every home, and its global searches on Amazon is 1.120 million. Monitor, Apple Watch, wireless earbuds, iPhone 7, and fire stick all make the global top 20 products searched on Amazon, with each item having less than a million searches. 

Top Emerging Products on Amazon in 2023

Top Emerging Products on Amazon in 2023

New sellers or affiliate marketers can take inspiration from the emerging products on Amazon based on search volumes. In 2023, the home and kitchen category represents one of the largest parts of this demand. While electronics demand is getting better all-round through the year, health and fitness is another area to benefit from. 

Airpods, ranked number one in the US and the world, represent the electronics category. In the US, 856,000 of the keywords have been entered on Amazon, while the search algorithm for the world shows a command of 1.690 million. Most of these Airpods are sold by Apple, easy to connect and has a durable battery that lasts for a long duration.

For the US, Amazon search result shows 561,000 searches for the Air Fryer product, while the global searches is 699,000. The air fryer provides a better alternative for baking, roasting, or frying. Economically, it consumes less oil, which in the long-run reduces consumption of oil expenses. In 2022, the air fryer became the US number 4 cooking appliance.

Earbuds is another emerging product on Amazon with 465,000 searches from the US, while 580,000 searches come from around the world. In 2022, a total of 184.63 million units of earbuds were shipped globally. The earbuds are easy to connect to any device, as long as these devices have Bluetooth connectivity.

The smartwatch is currently one of the biggest emerging markets on Amazon with over 306,000 searches for the phone-type-functioning devices in the US, and 669,000 globally. The global market size of smartwatch in 2022 was valued at US$25.61 billion. In 2021, North America, which includes the US, boasted 44% of the global market share of smartwatch. 

The search for office chairs on Amazon is becoming increasingly emerging as the demand for the product in the US stands at 408,000, and 550,000 globally. The USB C cable is emerging on Amazon, as the new iPhone 15 series features the type C charging port. From record, the US users are the major iPhone users, denoting why so much traffic is coming from the region.

Protein powder accounts for 266,000 searches in the US, while the global searches amounted to 378,000. Mini fridge generated traffic of 197,000 from the US searches, while the total search from around the globe is 262,000. These mini fridges are ideal for space like the office and hotel rooms where little space is required to prevent cluttering. 

What Will 2024 Bring?

Products that are in high demand are constantly evolving, and so, we expect that most of these products will be in demand in 2024. Also, consumers preferences can change slightly over time, so sellers need to stay up-to-date with current trends and consumer preferences. As far as the market is concerned, worldwide or in the US, there’s optimism that the demand for electronic items will highly be the most wanted. 

We’ve seen how new products have emerged on the Amazon market in 2023, especially with the new type-C feature of the iPhone 15 series. In 2024, a new product may also be introduced, and this could impact greater demand by the consumers, both globally and in the US. While the future cannot be perfectly guessed, we expect the top emerging products on Amazon in 2023 to keep rising. 


What is the most searched item on Amazon in 2023?

Nintendo Switch, under the category of video games, is the most searched product on Amazon. The item has 1.260 million search trends among the US consumers, while the global search traffic generated is 3.150 million.

Which category has the highest search volume on Amazon?

From our report of the top 20 Most searched products on Amazon, the electronic category is the most searched globally, representing 15 of 20. Similarly, the same category obtains 15 of 20 categories being searched mostly with traffic coming from the US.

What are the top trending products on Amazon this year?

The top five most trending products on Amazon this year in the US and worldwide are Nintendo Switch, Laptop, SSD, Airpods, and the iPad. Among these five, Nintendo Switch is the item that does not represent the electronics family.

How does the search volume of Airpods compare globally and in the US?

Airpods is a top emerging product on the Amazon online retail store, generating 856,000 searches from the US traffic, while 1.690 million of searches come from other parts of the world. Mathematically, global searches without accounting for the US’ is 834,000, 22,000 less than the overall generated from the US.

What are the emerging products people are searching for on Amazon in 2023?

There are eight top emerging products people are searching on Amazon in 2023. These products include Airpods, Air Fryer, Earbuds, Smartwatch, Office Chair, USB C cable, Protein Powder, and Mini Fridge. These eight represent the electronics, health and fitness, home and kitchen, and furniture categories.

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