Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for London, Rated and Reviewed

top bitcoin and crypto meetups for london

The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency Meetups in London, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which Meetups to attend in 2023.

If you’re looking for global events, check out our list of Best Blockchain Conferences.

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Meetup Group Name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Blockchain & Smartcontract Innovators 5,085 2 3 4.5
Hyperledger London 4,398 1 5 3.5
Blockchain and Digital Assets London Meetup 2,115 3 2 3.5
Ethereum London 9,638 1 4 3.5
Coinscrum 6,228 1 3 3.5
London Blockchain Meetup 2,400 2 1 3
Cardano Blockchain London 2,311 2 1 3
London Blockchain Network 1,967 0 4 2.5
Blockchain London 2,112 2 1 2.5
London Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Beginners 3,334 1 1 2.5
Blockchains For Good Crypto Bootcamp and Investment Club 1,613 1 5 2.5
Chainlink United Kingdom: Connected Smart Contracts 1,676 1 5 2.5
Cryptonites – The Crypto & Blockchain Show 2,215 1 1 1.5
Corda Blockchain London 1,653 1 1 1

blockchain and smartcontract innovatorsBlockchain & Smart Contract Innovators

Number of Members: 5,085
Activity Level: Average

This group is for those interested in learning more about blockchain and smart contracts. We strive to provide help not only to startups and entrepreneurs but also researchers and investors in both Fintech and non-financial services.

Blockchain and distributed ledgers will disrupt not only banking and finance but Internet of Things, among other industries. The group aims to bring together people interested in discussing:

  • Cross-industry use cases for distributed ledgers
  • Knowledge exchange for proof-of-concept and project development
  • Opportunities for companies to develop new businesses

In discussions, the group explores the possibilities and challenges of smart contracts, including how blockchain and smart contracts can be used to replace standard business documents.

hyperledger londonHyperledger London

Number of Members: 4,398
Activity Level: High

This Meetup has a loose connection with Hyperledger but is open to all whether you’re an employee of a Hyperledger member company, a developer, or just passionate about blockchain technology.

blockchain and digital assets londonBlockchain and Digital Assets London Meetup

Number of Members: 2,115
Activity Level: Low

This group initially began as ICO Meetup London because they were focused on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) at the time. Since then, they have grown to over 2,000 members and are now more broadly focused on blockchain and digital assets. Their mission is to build a community that shares knowledge, expertise, and expertise. They plan regular Meetups that occur in Central London, and they welcome both individuals and organizations to get in touch if they’re interested in presenting at an upcoming event.

ethereum londonEthereum London

Number of Members: 9,638
Activity Level: High

They were not only the first Ethereum Meetup in the world, but also the largest with over 9,500 members, starting at the Punch and Judy pub located in the heart of Covent Garden London.

Each Meetup follows a simple, specific format that includes 2 to 3 presentations from carefully-selected,  respected speakers. No self-promotion or financial promotion is allowed at their Meetups.

10 years of coinscrumCoinscrum

Number of Members: 6,228
Activity Level: Average

Coinscrum has its roots as a bitcoin Meetup group starting back in 2012 in a Paddington pub. They offer free events and always have. The events feature the brightest and most innovative blockchain builders and thought leaders. They bill themselves as welcoming and inclusive, and there’s no need to be a technical expert to join. Some of their events are social and other events take a deep dive into topics in blockchain.

london blockchain meetupLondon Blockchain Meetup

Number of Members: 2,400
Activity Level: Low

This group initially began as the London Ethereum Meetup but has since changed their name to reflect the variety of topics their Meetups cover.  The group is for anyone that is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

cardano blockchain londonCardano Blockchain London

Number of Members: 2,311
Activity Level: Low

The Cardano (ADA) Meetup group includes a few Cardano team members along with community members based in London. They hold regular events, some of which are social. Their educational events feature special guests and talks.

london blockchain networkLondon Blockchain Network

Number of Members: 1,967
Activity Level: High

This Meetup group aims to connect people who are interested in the transforming potential of blockchain technology. The group provides a way for members to engage with blockchain innovators and learn and explore the latest developments in the space.

The group invites blockchain innovators to their regular events. Their events focus on many topics including DeFi, smart contracts, digital identity, among others. The group boasts a diverse membership including enthusiasts, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs.

The group welcomes anyone regardless of experience level.

blockchain londonBlockchain London

Number of Members: 2,112
Activity Level: Low

Blockchain London Meetup group offers a get together for drinks and networking with people interested in blockchain including FinTech disruptors, innovators and other individuals curious about blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its numerous applications in both financial services and non-finance sectors. Everyone is welcome.

london cryptocurrency and blockchain beginnersLondon Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Beginners

Number of Members: 3,334

Activity Level: Low

This group is for those who want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and meet fellow learners and enthusiasts.

Even if you don’t have a Master’s degree in computer science, don’t hesitate to join. They aim to make things fun and accessible to members of all levels. They are transparent and clearly communicate all sponsorships.

They aren’t afraid to let you know when they don’t something! They differentiate and communicate when things are facts or subjective and influenced by opinion.

blockchains for goodBlockchains for Good Crypto Bootcamp and Investment Club

Number of Members: 1,613

Activity Level: Very High

This Meetup is geared toward people who have an interest in cryptocurrencies and their potential to have a positive impact on society. They are committed to helping people, including helping them make money.

chainlink united kingdomChainlink United Kingdom: Connected Smart Contracts

Number of Members: 1,676

Activity Level: Very High

This group bills themselves as an inclusive community for blockchain developers and enthusiasts alike.  You don’t have to be a developer to join our discussions about the potential of smart contract technology.

cryptonitesCryptonites – The Crypto & Blockchain Show

Number of Members: 2,215
Activity Level: Low

Cryptonites consists of an online Youtube channel and off-line community. They have a focus on edutainment and strive to educate their community on cryptocurrency and blockchain topics through free events.

corda blockchain londonCorda Blockchain London

Number of Members: 1,653

Activity Level: Low

This Corda Meetup is run by the R3 team of the open-source distributed ledger platform. Talks feature both Corda developers and third parties building on the platform. The Meetup appeals to both business and technical audiences.

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