The Ugoos Media TV Box with Android 11 ROCKS

The new Ugoos X4Q Android 11 box (AMLogic S95X4-based unit) looks neat.. I’d love to show it to you completely unopened but the wrapping messes with my camera 🙂 So…

Back in April 2022 I reviewed the Ugoos UT8 Pro TV box. That box was quite impressive and has been in daily use ever since, in our home in Spain. I’ve reviewed lots of TV boxes but they don’t last forever and some are dire – like phones they only get Google updates for so long – some don’t get any and there are several boxes out where which don’t even have the Google Playstore.

At one time I had a “Xiaomi Mi TV box” – but that turned out to be a COMPLETE waste of time – “Google Android TV” – no thank you – just plain old Android will do – thanks. So that’s three lessons I’ve learned and shared with readers.

The Ugoos Media TV Box with Android 11 ROCKS

I can’t pin down why I like Ugoos so much (I get lots of TV boxes) but they offered to send me their latest box and it’s sitting in front of me – boxed and sealed as I start this blog entry – so let’s go through this together… I could fill up a lot of space by telling you all about them – but this link to their ABOUT page takes up less room. If you’re interested you can look it up – essentially a quality Chinese TV Android box maker with English-speaking contacts and worldwide distribution.

Down to business… X4Q Pro 4G+32G Android 11 Amlogic S905X4 Smart TV Box has a Bluetooth (BLE) handset, is tiny, comes with (in this case) an EU power supply which again is small – and also includes an HDMI lead.

SPDIF out for optical audio where needed, USB3 and OTG USB2, HDMI out, LAN connector, an IR sensor on the front to work with IR handsets, a tiny LED indicator on the top, TF card slot for media expansion, USB-C connection for the included power supply… I like it already.

To start the ball rolling, I put a pair of AAA batteries in the remote, plugged the X4Q into it’s power supply and an HDMI lead into one of my monitors – and almost immediately the screen lit up.. A tiny red LED came up on the X4Q which quickly changed to green.

I was asked to hold both volume up and down on the handset. I did that and the handset in seconds wwas paired to the box by Bluetooth. No problem.

Next “select a home APP”. Would I like “Launcher 3” or “ULauncher”. From memory, uLauncher is Ugoos’s own launcher which is fun but I’m happy with plain old Android – I chose Launcher 3. It turns out that the simple handset is in fact an air-mouse – easy to use. I went to settings and informed The WiFi about my office WiFi password. Connected.

Next – sign into Google – can’t do anything until that’s sorted for Playstore. I signed into Google and of course as is common these days, Google asked me to confirm that it was me by checking with my phone. Seconds later, done.

I’ve learned a few tricks recently, like always having CLIPT installed on my devices – so that was my first job – I signed into CLIPT with my Google account… long-pressed the remote power button to get a screenshot… and here we are.. This looks just like my Ugoos UT8-Pro.

Ugoos TV Box X4Q Pro

I guess the first question with any new TV box, after making sure that the Playstore is there, is to check preinstalled programs – the centre ALL APPS button took me there and thanks to CLIPT I can show you, below.. the only program I’ve added up to now as you can see is the free CLIPT which is also on my PC Chrome browser – hence the easy screenshots.

Ugoos TV Box X4Q Pro

So as you’ll have gathered the FIRST thing I normally do is ditch the abysmal remote controls that typically come with these boxes but as this is a BLE air mouse I think I may just stick with it.

Amazon Prime

Next – back to the Playstore – no surprise there, no Netflix. But Amazon Prime was in there. Thankfully I’ve already been down this road and loading up AptoideTV will give me Netflix….

Meanwhile I watched a quick show on Amazon – which I can’t screenshot (thanks, Amazon)…. Why the spanish headlines? Don’t let that put you off, I’m in Spain but this box is destined for the UK (Christmas TV) and it’ll work just fine there.

I also use a VPN from time to time as the BBC iPlayer doesn’t like being used overseas.

I’m now going to show you a screenshot from my other Ugoos box (UT8-Pro) in which I’ve already installed all the programs I need – I only just realised the two boxes share lots of features including the remote.. and of course that Ugoos screen backdrop.

Note that I’ve installed Netflix, Kodi, Surfshark VPN (not free but good if you need it) and a load of other common programs – I’ll do the same on the X4Q soon. That Aptoide TV is fairly essential as not everything is on the Playstore these days.

Finally the BLE remote has an IR learning function which applies only to the right power button (seems a bit pointless as there are very few keys on the remote – but there you are). I note there is a voice button on the handset as well. Clealy there is a media player and via the USB and microSD expansion you could have great fun adding media to the box. I tend to do my storage over the network – note that among the programs I’ve installed, X-plore is another good find. Total Commander came with the Ugoos but I didn’t find it as useful as X-plore – readily available on the Playstore.

Ugoos BLE handset

Don’t forget if you prefer fancy TV box interfaces, the X4Q also has ULAUNCHER which has just had an update – I’m busy grabbing the update now. And there thanks to the wonders of CLIPT, it is complete with my newly installed Amazon Prime.. 27GB internal storage left. This can be made to look quite pretty but I’ll stick with the normal Android interface.

Ugoos TV interface

There is also (Playstore) the Microsoft Launcher which has it’s moments.

Microsoft Launcher on Ugoos X4Q



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