Samsung Gauss Unveiled: Revolutionizing Conversations in a Battle Against ChatGPT

The introduction of the Gauss quickly got the world talking. What is Gauss? How does it operate? What does Samsung’s announcement mean for the AI space? We learn everything here.

We are in the era of rapid artificial intelligence (AI) development. People are discovering new things to do with AI and firms globally are catering to this demand. One of the most extensive AI implementations has been in chatbots. These are computer programs that simulate conversations with human end users, utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze inputs and generative AI to help automate responses.

In the wake of ChatGPT’s meteoric rise, boasting over 100 million weekly active users as of November 2023, numerous companies have stepped up to challenge OpenAI’s dominance in the chatbot realm. Leading the charge is Samsung Gauss, the latest entrant from Samsung Electronics, poised to captivate AI enthusiasts. Marking its official debut on November 15, 2023, Samsung has set the stage for a new era in artificial intelligence.

The announcement of the Gauss immediately got the world talking.

Samsung Gauss

Samsung Gauss Explained

The first thing to understand is what Gauss is and how it operates. As Samsung has stated, Gauss is a generative AI model created by its research team. It is used by Samsung to increase employee productivity and has three tools linked to it. These tools include Samsung Gauss Code, Samsung Gauss Language, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Since Gauss is a generative AI model, every tool works towards developing new data. For instance, Samsung Gauss Language can understand and accurately predict human language. Similar to ChatGPT, it can answer questions that are asked by the users and can compose text such as emails. The language model can also summarize text it has access to and translate text from one language to another.

Samsung Gauss Code is highly focused on code development and can assist developers in reviewing and testing code at a quicker pace. The tool can also describe code, explaining to the user what a line of code is developed to do and ensuring they understand it better.

That way, errors are easily spotted, and more transparency is achieved. Also, it can test case generation. This means the tool generates test suites for applications to find potential faults or bugs in them. This enables developers to make fewer mistakes and know their applications better.

Samsung Gauss Image is its image-generation tool designed to generate high and low-resolution images and convert an image from one resolution to another when prompted by users. Although it is nowhere near its final form, it appears to most of the notes in terms of the current uses of AI and from all signs, will play an integral role in Samsung’s products going forward.

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From all signs, Samsung Gauss has been well-trained to receive and process a large amount of data and can understand how such data is developed and its logical sequence. Take the language learning model: by being exposed to lots of email templates and examples, it is clear that formal emails mostly start with ‘Dear Sir/Ma’am’. Thus, whenever a user asks the AI tool to write an email to their boss, it knows to start such emails that way. The same is true for the case of image generation and coding development tools.

The capabilities of Samsung Gauss include:

  • Content creation. Harnessing its text and image generation prowess, Samsung Gauss proves invaluable for crafting diverse forms of content, catering to the needs of bloggers, entertainers, and a myriad of content creators.
  • Code development. Since Samsung Gauss Code can assist in the generation of test suites and description of existing code, it means it can be used in the software sector by newer and more experienced developers.
  • Research purposes. On a small and large scale basis, the Samsung Gauss can help in researching existing concepts and assist in pushing the limits of what people can do with AI daily.
  • AI adoption. It is known that AI use is controversial. However, if a vetted tool such as Samsung Gauss is available on Samsung mobile devices, it will help accelerate adoption across the board and maybe quell some of the worries that surround the new technology.

Gauss is poised for continuous improvement over time. The more it engages in diverse tasks, the sharper its predictive abilities become across language, code, and images. Although currently in internal use at Samsung during its initial phases, there are plans to unveil Gauss to the public.

Additionally, Samsung has hinted at the introduction of Galaxy AI, promising an enhanced AI experience on its mobile devices. While not officially confirmed, Galaxy AI is probably built upon the foundation of Gauss. This implies that as millions of Samsung users from around the world embrace AI, its performance is bound to elevate to new heights.

Samsung Gauss

Samsung Gauss Launch

The Samsung Gauss was introduced on November 15, 2023, at the Samsung AI Forum 2023 in South Korea. The event was hosted by Samsung Research and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and it brought together the most advanced research in the AI sector. This tool was developed by the Samsung Research team and is now being utilized within the company.

Nonetheless, the innovation will not be an in-house development for long. Samsung said it will include the technology in future products and local media speculated that the Gauss would be a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series that will launch in January 2024. The name Gauss is a reference to Carl Friedrich Gauss, the renowned creator of normal distribution theory, which is an integral part of AI technology.

With all the buzz surrounding the new tool, Samsung is covering its bases with its AI Red Team. The team was set up to “proactively eliminate and monitor security and privacy issues” that might be linked to AI-powered projects.

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Samsung Gauss vs. Other AI Models

As soon as the Samsung Gauss was introduced, comparisons were made between the new AI tool and other AI models already in existence. Many say it is Samsung’s answer to ChatGPT. But how does it compare? First, it is also a generative artificial intelligence model just like ChatGPT. However, it has yet to have the same capabilities.

Some of the features it has similar to other AIs include image generation, text generation, text summary, language translation, and code development.

Nonetheless, ChatGPT and other AI tools offer some features that Gauss does not have. They include recipe creation, video generation, creating schedules for users, audio generation, and writing creative texts for users, such as poems and fiction.

Samsung Gauss is newer than most of these AI tools. Hence, its capabilities are limited compared to them. One advantage that Gauss has is that it is backed by one of the most respected brands in mobile devices and will be developed and integrated with Samsung phones in the coming years. This fact gives it name recognition and access to millions of users that other AIs can only yearn and hope for.

The Takeaway

As artificial intelligence becomes more popular, many firms are working to give accessibility to the masses and capitalize off the current demand. Samsung has entered the space with the Gauss tool and shows lots of potential with it. The AI can assist in text, code, and image creation and appears to be on track to enter the mainstream market by 2024.

While it will compete for market shares with others like ChatGPT, its relationship with Samsung gives it an edge and it will be very interesting to see what the users’ response will be once it is released for the mainstream market.

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