ProxyEmpire Review: Features, Pros & Cons

If you are in the market right now, searching for a proxy provider that can help you with all your online activities, then you must be wondering where to begin. With a lot of competition, it is necessary to determine which ones are worth your time. The good news is that we are here to assist you.

In this piece of writing, we have examined an amazing proxy service, ProxyEmpire, and assessed whether or not it is the perfect fit for your needs.

Customers of ProxyEmpire’s proxy service can access fast, anonymous proxy servers. They provide a wide range of services, from residential to commercial, and from budget-friendly to expensive packages. Customers can tailor their service to suit their needs by selecting from a range of plans and features.

The customer support staff is courteous and helpful, and the service is dependable and secure. Anyone can get started using a variety of courses and FAQs that are made available to them. Additionally, ProxyEmpire provides a trial on activation so users can test their proxy service before purchasing a plan.

ProxyEmpire Overview

Proxy empire overview

ProxyEmpire is one of the top proxy providers that provides residential and mobile proxies. And one thing that distinguishes this dependable proxy server from other proxy services is that ProxyEmpire gives limitless rollover data.

With the majority of other proxy providers, you will either be needed to maintain an active membership or lose idle bandwidth to maximize your bandwidth. In this way, you will not have to take any tension on the bandwidth that has not been utilized.

In addition to that, ProxyEmpire has a user-friendly dashboard that shows all the important information like how much of your data is used and how much is still left to use. It also provides a graph showing all your data activities and uses over the last 30 days.

ProxyEmpire doesn’t require whitelisting when it comes to your IP address. But if you need any additional security then you can simply add an IP whitelisting request to your account.

Your ProxyEmpire account manager will assist you with this. If you want to pay using a credit or debit card, they use Stripe, and you can also make the payment using bitcoin.

Using ProxyEmpire’s dashboard, you can sign up for any of their packages, and if you wish to pay by wire transfer, you can contact their sales staff for doing so.

Another thing that makes ProxyEmpire great is the absence of long-term obligations. This means that you are free to unsubscribe as well as resubscribe anytime you wish. They try to become very adaptable to meet the changing expectations of their clients.

How to use the ProxyEmpire?

  • Create an account on the ProxyEmpire website.
  • Decide which kind of proxy package you wish to buy.
  • Enter your payment information to complete the transaction.

You will receive your proxy server login information after the payment has been finalized.

  • Enter your login information to access the proxy server.
  • Set the proxy server up to work with your browser or other programs.
  • Begin utilizing the proxy server to access services and websites that are restricted in your area.

ProxyEmpire Features

Anonymous Data Collection

By utilizing ProxyEmpire’s residential and mobile proxy networks, you can penetrate easily the domain of your competitor and set their pricing structures without the adversary being known of or capable to block operations.

Because of this, residential proxies appear to be actual visitors. This can be achieved on a regional or global scale since they cover 100+ countries. Following that, each city in a country can be targeted carefully.

ProxyEmpire designed its dashboard for clients in the retail sector who wish to begin watching pricing as well as forecasting commercial events precisely. To start, pick a package that best scales with your business.

Intellectual Property Theft

Patents and trademarks are rarely acknowledged and treated seriously in undeveloped countries. Ideas for a business are only useful if they can be safeguarded and used solely.

The problem is that most of this illicit activity takes place on a global scale, independent of a company’s corporate headquarters. Small-network workers are unable to manage intellectual property rights.

ProxyEmpires’ extensive network enables brand protection organizations and legal teams to track and respond to intellectual property theft in over 150 nations and six continents.

Because of the organic nature of its network, it may do cross-platform searches for infringements on intellectual property, strengthening its legal case.

Data Bottlenecks

During the period when things outpace their ability to capture data across multiple competing seasonal places, the dynamic retail organization goes through a data bottleneck. As a result, that data is not sufficient and projections are not correct.

This usually occurs during the holiday seasons of shopping, when most businesses work to balance their accounts and enter the black. In such a condition, ProxyEmpire can expand its businesses and provides the home proxy data.

This implies that you can preserve the data that is not used during the silent times but have plenty of data accessible when the seasons are busy. This promises to remove delays and makes sure that merchants get access to the data that they require.

Monitoring a Specific Topic

ProxyEmpire enables brand management services to target the market for a particular industry and scrape information that exposes when a company’s brand is being misused or wholly appropriated.

Residential proxies are more than enough for gathering information on consumer perceptions of a company’s brand. Simple methods are available, but they aren’t effective on a worldwide scale for tracking how the public reacts to a company’s brand.

Recognize Your Reputation

Reputation management companies may now follow their clients’ reputations globally and gather data locally, adapting their data-collecting goals to a specific place, thanks to a broad network and geotargeting capabilities.

This aids businesses in learning how the general public perceives them around the globe. The ProxyEmpires network enables reputation management companies to gather data where it matters, unlike simplistic methods.

They can be used without setting off alarm bells, as data center proxies frequently do, because of the organic structure of their network.

Limited Access GEO-Locations

For marketers who use an intelligent strategy for ad verification, global targeting may become more difficult. This is because advertisements are displayed throughout the designated area rather than locally, making it impossible to confirm your ad placements.

A GEO-location restriction, for instance, prevents you from monitoring your placement from the United States if you sell goods via the internet to the United Kingdom.

By selecting a specific place and obtaining a home or mobile proxy list that corresponds to the locations where the advertising is presented, their clients may swiftly and easily resolve this issue in less than 20 seconds.

Inverse IP Address Lookup

Ad networks may avoid ad verification by using inverse IP address lookup to find data center proxies that act oddly for a typical user. This is due to the servers’ provision of common proxies.

A quick reverse IP address search can help ad networks locate the proxy servers and restrict the port. This effectively ends all efforts at ad verification.

Our extensive home and mobile proxy networks, which simulate a typical user by using real ISP and carrier-assigned IP addresses, are used by ProxyEmpire clients.

IP addresses that advertiser networks feel deliver high-quality traffic for their advertisements cannot be blocked. The result is that you get around barriers and have access to online adverts.

Deceptive Placement of Ads

One of the most popular deception strategies employed by ad networks is to blend legitimate traffic/clicks with junk adware traffic.

Without the advertiser’s awareness, they can accomplish this. Given that your advertisements are displayed on hundreds or even thousands of websites, it could appear challenging to check an ad network’s reliability to drive traffic that will result in money.

ProxyEmpire was created from the ground up to eradicate ad fraud through rapid network expansion across more than 150 countries and the purchase of millions of nodes.

They get their proxies from respected wireless service providers and residential Internet service providers.

ProxyEmpire Alternatives


Smartproxy Website

With more than 10 million dynamic IP addresses from all around the world, Smartproxy is a residential proxy network. It gives customers access to IPs that come from home ISPs, which are more dependable and reputable than proxies from data centers. Additionally, Smartproxy provides a wealth of options to assist customers to get the most out of their time using it. These include a sophisticated dashboard with filters, an API, and a proxy rotation mechanism that enables rapid and simple IP switching for users.

Additionally, Smartproxy provides customers with limitless bandwidth and high-speed proxies so they may get the most out of their online activity. Businesses and individuals who require dependable and secure IPs for their online activity might consider Smartproxy.

Bright Data

Bright Data Residential Proxy

A real-time, cloud-native data management platform, Bright Data makes it easier for enterprises to use, analyze, and manage data. It offers a complete set of tools for data integration, governance, and preparation. Bright Data enables businesses to handle massive amounts of data rapidly and securely, extract insights from it, and improve decision-making.


oxylabs proxy brand

Oxylabs has a great infrastructure and one can use their proxy servers as a reliable web scraping solution. Oxylabs offers 100M+ Residential Proxies and really Fast performance with 2M+ Datacenter Proxies. Oxylabs also offers Scraper APIs at an affordable cost.


Soax overview

A cloud-based platform called SOAX aids in the management, processing, and analysis of big data for enterprises. For data transformation, integration, and governance, it offers potent tools. Businesses can make sense of their data and learn from it with the aid of SOAX.


NordVPN Review and Features

A virtual private network (VPN) service provider is NordVPN. Users can surf the internet securely and have their online privacy protected thanks to this connection. Numerous features are available through NordVPN, including a zero-logging policy, double data encryption, military-grade encryption, Onion over VPN, and dedicated IP addresses.

In addition, it offers support for P2P file-sharing and access to Netflix and other streaming services. On Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, as well as some routers, NordVPN is accessible. Additionally, it provides Chrome and Firefox extensions. It also offers live chat and emails customer service around the clock.

ProxyEmpire Pricing

Residential proxy

  • Starter- $ 45 per month 
  • Hobby- $ 150 per month  
  • Startup- $ 300 month  
  • Business- $ 600 per month  
  • Company- $ 1250 per month 
  • Enterprise- $ 4000 per month   
Proxy empire residential proxy plans

Mobile proxy

  • Mobile A (2GB)- $ 60 per month
  • Mobile S (5GB)- $ 150 per month
  • Mobile M (12GB)- $ 300 per month
  • Mobile L (30GB)- $ 660 per month
  • Mobile XL (85GB)- $ 1530 per month
  • Enterprise M (300GB)- $ 4500 per month
Proxy empire mobile proxy plans

ProxyEmpire FAQs

Is a trial version of ProxyEmpire available?

There is a free trial period available. However, it is not entirely free. You may test out a trial with 150 MB of residential bandwidth for just $ 1.97, allowing you to decide which form of the IP address is ideal for your use case.

What is ProxyEmpire’s refund procedure?

For a one-time cost of $1.97, ProxyEmpire provides 100 MB of residential broadband and 50 MB of mobile bandwidth. The trial period should be used by users to confirm that their services are appropriate for their particular use case.

What forms of payment does ProxyEmpire accept?

Through Stripe, they accept debit and credit cards, and you may register for one of their packages right from your dashboard. In addition to that, they also acknowledge EUR as well as USD wire transfers (SEPA and Non-SEPA). Contact their sales team and provide them with your company’s invoicing details to start a wire transfer.

ProxyEmpire: Use Cases

Proxy empire use cases
Proxy empire use cases like brand protection and price monitoring

What makes ProxyEmpire stand out?

Proxy empire works with many tools like adspower

Mobile APPs Utilizing 4G Mobile Proxies:

Access to a solid infrastructure of mobile proxies targeted for use cases involving APP-only platforms is made available by ProxyEmpire.

Utilize cutting-edge techniques for data collection that are optimized for mobile devices, and avoid making untrustworthy inquiries.

Rotating mobile proxies provide the best connection possible, and ProxyEmpire provides them with carrier-level filtering in more than 150 countries.

Proxy empire offers 4g mobile proxies that rotate

Proxies In the Best Locations for Residential Use

Over a million residential proxies from ethical sources are available from ProxyEmpire, along with thorough filtering that lets you focus on specific countries, areas, cities, and ISPs.

To help you get going quickly, each residential proxy plan includes VIP integration assistance. Other proxy providers do not support usage scenarios that ProxyEmpire does.

Their home proxies can seamlessly integrate with any software stack because they are compatible with HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 protocols.

Proxy empire residential proxies in the best areas

A Rotating Residential Proxy with No Limits

They are the only back-connect proxy supplier that offers data rollover. No Limits Rotating Residential Proxy. This suggests that you might keep data that isn’t used each month.

Utilize up to 1000 simultaneous connections at a GEO location to prevent being throttled once again.

They have a robust residential proxy network with a 99.6% uptime guarantee, and they only provide the best-rotating proxies by carefully inspecting each IP address.

Proxy empire is an unlimited rotating proxy provider

ProxyEmpire Pros and Cons


  • Great customer support
  • Access all the websites globally
  • Easily get real-time data from any corner of the world
  • Offers unlimited rollover data
  • ProxyEmpire’s user interface makes it simple for users to adjust their proxy settings.
  • With ProxyEmpire, setting up a proxy server only requires a few minutes.
  • For individuals who require a dependable and secure proxy server, ProxyEmpire is an excellent option.
  • You can access prohibited websites, get through internet filters, and safeguard your online privacy using ProxyEmpire.


  • The brand is comparatively less popular in the market considering the features and affordability that it offers

Final Verdict

In this review article, I have talked about various uses, features, pros, and cons of ProxyEmpire. Any business to do various online activities quickly and securely might choose ProxyEmpire as a great choice because it is safe to use.

I don’t think it gets much better than this with its unlimited rollover data, user-friendly dashboard, and customer service staff that is available whenever you need them. They are without a doubt the best due to their attention to detail, usability, affordability, and respect for their customers.

I think ProxyEmpire is your best option if you want to make sure you never run out of proxy options for online activity and that you can get in touch with a proxy service anytime you need to.

The Review



  • Great Customer Support
  • Access all the websites globally
  • Easily get real-time data from any corner of the world
  • Offers unlimited rollover data
  • ProxyEmpire’s user interface makes it simple for users to adjust their proxy settings.
  • With ProxyEmpire, setting up a proxy server only requires a few minutes.
  • For individuals who require a dependable and secure proxy server, ProxyEmpire is an excellent option.
  • ProxyEmpire offers reliable proxies to safeguard your online privacy


  • The brand is comparatively less popular in the market considering the features and affordability that it offers

Review Breakdown

  • Easy to Use

  • Features

  • Scalability

  • Brand Trust

  • Support

  • Knowledgebase

  • Value for Money

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