PCB Linear Motors For Model Trains

Modeling a railroad is tricky. Railroads are significant, linear items of civil engineering. So quite a few modelers are drawn to the smallest scale they can use. Not too long ago a new scale, named T, at 1:450 has been pushing this barrier. But fitting a responsible mechanical push system and MCU board in a bundle this dimensions is a problem. In practice, even far more of a dilemma is receiving reliable electrical contact by way of a metal wheel on metallic observe (about the worst doable design for a speak to).T scale electric locomotive held on a human finger

T constantly appeared to us a extensive way out on the bleeding edge. But all that could have modified. In a modern Hackaday.io writeup, creator [Martin] describes a PCB technological know-how centered linear motor system to externally generate T scale locomotives.

The process employs 4mm planar coils. The underside of the PCB has another coil, so the powerful pitch is 2mm. With microstepping, a step of .25mm is possible, and trains run efficiently. Current is 3-400mA.

Because the system also guides the car, actual ‘track’ is unneeded, and [Martin] is working with printed paper covering somewhat than 3D track. Things like autos and boats can be automated as properly. Modelers in larger sized scales may possibly well use it for automated pedestrians and such.

Also an gain, all automobiles are driven, so coupler reliability is a lessened concern.

This feels like it could be utilized for quite a few items, considerably further than model railroads. It’s an possibility for any time you have to have to go a few mm scale item in 2D.

Image courtesy David K. Smith, CC BY-SA 3.

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