Mysterious Adder From 1960s Bendix G-20

[David Lovett] aka Usagi Electrical is taking a dive into however an additional old laptop design, this a person from the early 1960s. He a short while ago attained eight thriller circuit boards on-mortgage for the function of reverse engineering them. It turns out these came from an outdated mainframe known as the Bendix G-20, a successor to the 1965 G-15 vacuum tube product. The cards are:

  • Complete Adder
  • AND Gate
  • OR Gate
  • Emitter Follower
  • Flip Flop
  • Quad Inverting Amplifier
  • DLO Amplifier
  • Gated CPA

Most of these are really uncomplicated to determine out, but he ran into some difficulties hoping to comprehend the full adder board. The first problem is there is some uncertainty bordering the logic level voltages. This program utilizes detrimental voltages, with -3.5 V symbolizing a logic 1 … or is it a logic ? And even getting into account this ambiguity, [David] is acquiring a really hard time deciphering how the adder works. It employs a bunch of diodes to put into action a logic lookup table of an adder — besides he is not ready to make it match any acknowledged addition scheme. [David] has known as out to the community for help on this one particular, and if you have any strategies how this adder functions, go to his wiki joined earlier mentioned for more data and give him shout.

We really don’t know how [David] squeezes in the time for these aspect projects, when he is so hectic on the Centurion mini-laptop or computer restoration and the monstrous one-bit vacuum tube pc he is building.

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