PawprintID – Personal Portable Health Record Service for Pets

Keeping track of your pet’s medical information can be a hard task, as that requires you to keep all of their paper medical records well organized for when you need them. That goes especially for times when you’re facing an emergency situation that requires an immediate visit to the vet, during which you’ll most likely have no time to sift through all of that paperwork. Nevertheless, that’s still an important thing to do, as knowing about your pet’s entire medical history, as well as their past vaccinations, any allergies they might have, and any other medical-related information can help veterinaries to come up with a diagnosis and also make an informed decision about the next steps to take for their treatment or even for a potential medical procedure. This is exactly where having a solution like PawprintID can be extremely helpful, as this innovative system provides you with immediate access to all of your pet’s medical history at any given moment.


PawprintID is an affordable subscription-based personal portable health record tracking service for pets which works as a comprehensive digital health passport for your pet that’s accessible through a secure cloud-based platform, offering pet owners a reliable way to safely store any information regarding their pet’s medical history, while also providing them with immediate access to their pet’s health data at any time, including all of their medical records, vaccination history, and pertinent health details. PawprintID’s service operates online, requiring no cellular connection or a specific mobile carrier to access it. The service is compatible with any device, as it can be accessed via a secure mobile App or alternately through a desktop App, and it also features a very user-friendly interface.

Designed with pet owners in mind, this service makes it easy for pet owners to share their pet’s health records with veterinaries, as well as with groomers, boarders, pet sitters, other family members, or anyone else for that matter, ensuring your pet’s healthcare is consistent and accurate throughout their whole life.

In the event that your pet becomes ill or needs immediate medical attention, PawprintID provides you with an easy way to share critical details about your furry friend with a local animal hospital or specialist.

With PawprintID, you’ll never again have to worry about keeping paperwork of your pet’s medical records. Not only can this innovative system save you time and money, but it can also potentially save your pet’s life in an emergency situation. By having access to your pet’s entire medical history in a digital format that’s accessible at a moment’s notice, vets can provide your furry friend with the right treatment at the right time.


To use and have access to PawprintID, users simply have to create an account and pay a yearly subscription of $40.

You can create an account in just a few minutes. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to manage all of the information related to your pet’s health and medical history from any device.

This not only includes basic information about your pet such as their breed, weight, gender, your home address, and one or more emergency contacts, but also all information regarding their medical records, such as the names and contacts of their vet(s) and therapist(s), a list of any prescriptions and medication they’ve been prescribed, information about your pet’s insurance, a thorough record of any immunizations, potential allergies, and any medical conditions they might have, and also detailed information covering any surgery and/or treatment they’ve had in the past.

PawprintID’s interface

In addition, the PawprintID system also allows users to keep a detailed journal regarding their pet’s medical history, and users can also upload any important documents related to their pet’s health such as a digital copy of their pet’s paper medical records.


As mentioned before, the PawprintID service operates online, requiring no cellular connection or a specific mobile carrier to access it.

The service is also compatible with any device, as it can be accessed via a secure mobile App or alternately through a desktop App.

PawprintID mobile App & PawprintID Desktop App

The PawprintID App features a very user-friendly interface, making it easy for both users and pet health professionals to navigate it.

Users can login to their account through Face ID, a Membership ID, or through their email address.

PawprintID Login Menu


In case you’re interested in using PawprintID, know that access to the service is extremely affordable, with subscriptions costing you just $40 p/ year (which comes down to just $3.33 per month). You can sign up and subscribe to the service via PawprintID’s official website.

The PawprintID service is available in two (x2) different formats: PawprintID For Individuals (pet owners), and also PawprintID for Businesses (such as vet clinics).

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