Microsoft users ‘devastated’ after tech giant discontinues popular gadgets – you need to be quick to get the last stock

MICROSOFT customers have been left devastated after the tech giant moved to discontinue beloved keyboards, mice, and webcams. 

The move reportedly sparks the end for most ergonomic keyboards

Microsoft is discontinuing all Microsoft-branded PC accessories


Microsoft is discontinuing all Microsoft-branded PC accessoriesCredit: Getty
The move is marking the end for most Microsoft ergonomic keyboards


The move is marking the end for most Microsoft ergonomic keyboardsCredit: Best Buy

Microsoft confirmed with The Verge in April that it would no longer manufacture mice, keyboards, and webcams that are specifically Microsoft-branded. 

Instead, the company is turning its attention to Surface-branded gadgets. 

“Going forward, we are focusing on our Windows PC accessories portfolio under the Surface brand,” Dan Laycock, senior communications manager at Microsoft, told the outlet. 

“We will continue to offer a range of Surface branded PC Accessories — including mice, keyboards, pens, docks, adaptive accessories, and more,” he continued. 

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Laycock revealed that as they make the transition, existing Microsoft branded gadgets, such as ergonomic keyboards, will continue to be sold “while supplies last.” 

While some experts understand why the company is making such a large change, many customers have expressed disappointment with the move. 

“I am so devastated,” Microsoft customer and freelance writer Brittany Matter told CNBC

“I’ll have to buy another set as a backup before they stop selling them.”

Since ergonomic keyboards were launched nearly 30 years ago, they have repeatedly provided relief for customers suffering from joint pain, mobility issues, and more. 

As Microsoft starts to faze these gadgets out, such as the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop set and Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard, even their former staff is urging people to stock up. 

“I don’t know. Buy the next best thing,” Hugh McLoone, a former senior experience researcher at Microsoft told CNBC.  

“Stockpile them,” he added. 

If you are looking to purchase a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard online, the company currently directs shoppers to find a location storing the item or to find other resellers. 

Microsoft does sell a Surface-branded ergonomic keyboard online, however, the item was out of stock as of Monday. 

The company told CNBC that the item plans to remain “part of our Surface-branded PC Accessories lineup,” moving forward. 

According to the outlet, it retails for approximately $129.99 – double the cost of the discontinued Microsoft-branded version. 

Microsoft did not immediately respond to The U.S. Sun’s request for comment.

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