Meet the vivo V27 series 5G, beauty and quality combined into one powerful device

Finding the perfect aesthetic and keeping in style is the mark of this generation, where self-expression is deeply valued.

Keeping in style is more than just one’s outfit. it also applies to what the person does, believes, and uses. That’s what makes a complete and unique lifestyle.

vivo, a brand that wants to bring technology that matches today’s needs of consumers, recently brought a series of smartphones that will allow users to flex their style, while also providing powerful performance. That’s the goal of the new vivo V27 series.


Sophistication at its finest

Exuding confidence and elegance, that’s what vivo see when they meet sophisticated people. Why? Because they really know what they want. These people are true to who they are and will only go for something that can match their own unique aura.

If you think you’re one of them, then the new vivo V27 series is something that could fit you. The vivo V27 5G went through the industry’s first jadeite glass process that gives it a jade-like finish. It’s really like you’re holding a precious jewel in your hands.

More than that, vivo also looked at the glistening green lagoon of El Nido, Palawan, and used that inspiration to give the device a touch of calming nature. This relaxing vibe will give the vivo V27 5G a chill and effortless yet expensive touch to your style.

El Nido, Palan | Credits: Rommel Paras from Unsplash

To further elevate the color, the vivo V27 Emerald Green variant comes with vivo’s signature Photochrome 2.0 technology to provide a mystical color-changing effect. This second-gen technology is more reactive to light to make the color-changing process much faster.

And to add to its sophistication, there’s the upgraded camera design and the Aura Light that adds visual fluidity to the device. The Aura Light is essentially a professional ring light attached to the phone, which provides a soft light effect to portraits taken in low light. The images taken from this special light definitely look more visually appealing than a regular LED flash.

An aesthetic of elegance and grace

Everyone has a friend that leaves them stunned with the elegant aura they effortlessly express. Whether it’s their perfume, hairstyle, or just the way they talk. But one thing’s for sure, their every move is full of grace.


If you’re that kind of friend, the vivo V27e model can make you stand out subtly in the crowd thanks to its Lavander Purple colorway.

This special color has gone through a special nanoscale lithography process that creates that intricate streamer feather pattern, thus creating a graceful and fluid effect that complements an elegant person just like you.

Simple yet strong

You can never go wrong with a simple look. A simple style is a go-to for many people, especially now that minimalist aesthetics are getting more popular. What’s more, going for a clean look gives a timeless classy style that all people want to have.


You can pair your minimalist style with a smartphone that has a clean design to effortlessly match your vibe. That’s where the vivo V27e Glory Black comes in, which gives a strong and bold aura that exudes class and luxury with its solid black color.

In addition, the vivo V27e Glory Black has a small but sweet surprise. Simply put it under the light and the new design will reveal little shimmers that mimic the majestic night sky full of stars that hints at the beauty in mystery.

Slim and lightweight for a comfortable feel

Style or comfort? Why not have both? vivo is prioritizing users’ comfort with the V27 series thanks to its premium design.


For the V27 5G, you’re getting a 7.36mm 3D curved screen — the thinnest in the V series’ history — with a 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED panel. Meanwhile, the vivo V27e boasts a 7.7mm slim flat frame.

You just have to feel it for yourself to experience the comfortable grip they offer, even with just one hand.

Premium inside and out

More than the design, the vivo V27 series is even worth flexing thanks to its innovative camera features and powerful hardware inside. Dubbed The Aura Portrait Master, the line is the first in the industry to have Aura Portrait Algorithm that lets you take studio-quality photos and videos anytime, anywhere.


The series is equipped with a special ring light together with a special Sony IMX766V sensor that helps the device take better images in poor-lighting conditions. Furthermore, the series is equipped with EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization to ensure your videos are shake-free with no blur.

You can now pre-order the vivo V27 series through their official e-store with a price of Php24,999 for the V27 5G and Php16,999 for the V27e.

This article was created by NoypiGeeks in partnership with vivo Philippines.

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