Jim Cramer says recent sellers of mega-cap tech stocks missed out

This market is still about the Magnificent Seven, says Jim Cramer

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday said his “Magnificent Seven” mega-cap tech stocks stood out during earnings season, even though they took a hit as investors fretted over an unsettled bond market. But many of the stocks have since recovered from post-earnings declines, Cramer noted, perhaps leaving some sellers full of regret.

Cramer’s favored group of Big Tech names are Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet and Tesla.

“Days like today remind you that you can’t panic and flee from the entire asset class just because everybody else is doing it. Even if you want out, which isn’t necessarily the right thing, you’ll probably get a better opportunity when the crowd is done hitting the pavement,” Cramer said. “And that’s especially true for the high-quality stocks that we call the Magnificent Seven.”

According to Cramer, Amazon and Meta saw declines even after reporting positive quarters due to concerns that held little weight, with their stocks already recovering from recent dips. Cramer dubbed investors’ reactions to Alphabet’s Google Cloud miss “extreme,” saying the stock is starting to come back. He conceded that Tesla’s earnings miss was tricky, but said many in the electric vehicle business also reported tough quarters, and consumers will continue to love the Tesla brand.

Microsoft reported an “almost perfect quarter,” Cramer said, but its stock still declined some because its peer mega caps “got put through the meat grinder.” Apple reported Thursday after the market close, with its stock seeing a pullback in after-hours trading. Cramer said he thinks the company’s service stream is “the future of the business,” reaffirming his stance that investors should own Apple, not trade it.

“I think it’s safe to say that the sellers missed out on a real buying opportunity and, worse, they created that opportunity themselves,” Cramer said.

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