Introducing AuraPool: The World’s first NFT Marketplace for Hashrate Collectibles

Cudo, the team behind the sustainable Cudos blockchain, Cudo Compute and Cudo Miner, has introduced the latest exciting addition to the Cudos ecosystem – AuraPool, an NFT marketplace for hashrate collectibles.

As a first-of-its-kind NFT marketplace, AuraPool connects NFT fans, digital art collectors, Bitcoin miners, casual gamers, and mining farms all via a frictionless platform that brings utility to the world of digital collectibles. AuraPool is the first tokenised infrastructure marketplace for the next generation of sustainable Bitcoin miners that brings clean energy to mining via hashrate collectibles. 

The NFT marketplace fractionalises hashrate generated by renewable energy BTC farms with daily rewards that are then distributed directly to the holders digital wallet. With hardware managed by providers in the marketplace there is no expensive equipment or technical knowledge needed, making mining accessible for absolutely everyone who joins. In addition, AuraPool is developing a roadmap of exciting and interactive games, and user challenges for a more immersive and engaging experience, offering players the chance to challenge and win a percentage of hashrate from other players.  AuraPool will be launching their in-platform games in the near future. NFT or CUDOS token holders will have voting power and can even help determine which games are built and go into development next.

The first hashrate collection to drop on AuraPool will launch in March. The artist behind the first collection is Delux3, a well-known artist and former designer at global apparel brand, Nike. Delux3 has a unique style that has been described as ‘refined street art’ thoughtfully composed with unexpected colour combinations that have deep tonal layers. As an established artist both within the mainstream art world and the Solana blockchain ecosystem, Delux3 brings his clear vision and abstract eye to the new hashrate collection for AuraPool. 

AuraPool is built to be fully transparent, with each seller’s collection displaying maintenance costs. Users are also free to sell their collectibles on the open marketplace whenever they want. AuraPool’s strict due diligence process ensures that new BTC mining farms are financially sound, environmentally and sustainably responsible, and have a solid team in place before they are allowed to list their collections on the AuraPool marketplace. In line with Cudos’ Cosmos-based multichain philosophy, AuraPool also presents an opportunity for chains to unite under the multichain umbrella of the NFT marketplace.

As well as facilitating the viewing, buying, and trading of hashrate collections, users will also be introduced to gaming on the marketplace. By allowing users to battle each other for one another’s hashrate, AuraPool provides a rewarding gaming experience that opens up the marketplace for future metaverse function. NFT or CUDOS token holders will be given voting power that will determine which games will be built next. This integration of gaming into the world of cryptocurrency mining offers endless potential for players to hone their skills and strategy, creating an engaging and thrilling experience unlike any other.

Commenting on the latest Cudos-backed venture, CEO and Founder, Matt Hawkins of Cudos stated: 

“We believe that the future of the digital world lies in user-friendly and sustainable solutions. The Cudos ecosystem is set up to support cost-efficient ways of monetising underutilised computing hardware while furthering sustainability and social impact initiatives. The upcoming launch of our new sustainable marketplace – AuraPool, represents a major step in this direction, and we’re proud to be driving the crypto mining industry towards a more inclusive space. This also provides monetisation opportunities that are in line with our vision to create a cleaner, cheaper and a more equitable world”

The Cudos ecosystem provides a wide range of services, from cloud computing and data storage, to payment processing and secure online transactions. With its focus on sustainability, Cudos Ventures is committed to reducing carbon emissions and minimising its impact on the environment, making it the ideal choice for companies and individuals who are looking to make a positive difference in the world.

To keep up to date with the latest announcements, visit the AuraPool website:

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