iFixit now sells genuine repair parts for the Pixel 8 series

Google’s official repair partner iFixit has started selling repair parts and tools for the latest-generation Pixel 8 series. This gives users the chance to fix their own phones. It is also great for the right-to-repair movement with both Samsung and Apple having made it easier for customers to repair their devices. For those unaware, the Google Pixel 8 series are eligible for seven years of OS updates as well as access to genuine spare parts.

iFixit starts selling genuine Pixel 8 series repair parts

Pixel 8 genuine repair parts iFixit
Pixel 8 iFixit genuine repair parts

Along with the repair part, iFixit also offers the option to bundle the tools (at an additional price) needed to perform the fix for those who do not have a toolkit. The list of genuine repair parts for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are nearly the same. For the standard variant, the replacement screen, rear case, main camera, and ultra-wide camera are priced at $159.99, $142.99, $142.99, and $62.99 respectively. These same parts for the pro model cost $229.99, $172.99, and $199.99. For the Pixel 8 Pro, iFixit is offering the entire camera setup. The replacement battery and front camera on the Pixel 8 series are priced at $42.99. The cameras on the Google Pixel 8 series are expensive to repair compared to their predecessors.

It’s worth noting that the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are quite difficult to repair as per teardown videos. Additionally, the USB-C port is soldered to the motherboard. Hence, if it gets damaged, it cannot be fixed with an iFixit kit. However, smartphones support wireless charging that could minimize the wear and tear on the USB-C port.

Genuine replacement parts will increase longevity

The smartphone’s hardware needs to last as long as the provided software support. Google’s seven years of access to both is a welcome move. Additionally, self-service repair is a cheaper option than taking the Pixel 8 phones to Google. Technically skilled people can take advantage of the genuine replacement parts and perform the repair themselves. Additionally, degrading components like the battery can be replaced easily making the device last for a few more years. The Pixel 8 Pro has also aced famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything’s durability test.

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