How to Brand Your OnlyFans: A Guide to Success

Learning how to brand yourself effectively can translate to increased income and success on OnlyFans

How to Brand Your OnlyFans: A Guide to Success

OnlyFans Success Guide – Branding Your OnlyFans – Last Updated: February 25, 2022 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

I’ve discussed branding as an important factor in your success on OnlyFans many times previously on my Podcast as well as this blog. Branding has an effect on your success because it allows you to become more than just yourself but to take up space in your potential fans mind as so much more. When you think of popular brands they don’t just represent what they are but the experience you get by consuming or utilizing that brand. For instance a brand like Doritos means youthful excitement, fun, crazy times and partying. How exactly do we get that from basically a triangle shaped tortilla chip? Let’s be honest there is nothing sexy fun or crazy about pounding down a bag of Doritos late at night after a Netflix or studying binge. Most Doritos aren’t consumed at parties or fun events at all. But despite that the brand of “Doritos’ still has that appeal in our minds so when we go to buy them at the store we aren’t just buying the taste of the chip or its ability to quench our hunger we are buying it partly due to it’s brand. This is the concept that you want your fans online to embrace, that you as a creator are more than just what you look like, what you wear or the content that you produce. You are so much more because you are a brand.

What is a Brand?

I like the definition that Entrepreneur Magazine gives to Branding, they state:

The concept of branding comes from ranchers and farmers in the past branding their livestock with an iron. They would place their ‘brand’ or name on their livestock, that way if the animals were to escape from their confinement or be stolen it would be easy for people to identify whom they originally belonged to. Obviously branding is a much more complicated concept now that brands aren’t just a mark but are actively competing with each other in the marketplace. Don’t let yourself be fooled that you are not also a brand as a content creator. Every time you create a piece of content you are establishing a brand in your fans minds. You can either control that brand message or let it run wild, but either way it will exist. Remember that what content you do and also don’t produce says a lot about your brand and determines your success and income. 

How to Establish Your Brand

Establishing and defining your brand are a key part of any businesses long term success. As an OnlyFans creator you are your own business and therefore have to establish what your brand and image are going to be about. In order to define and establish your brand you have to ask yourself a few important questions.

What is the image that exists right now among your fans about you?

What are the benefits of the content that you create to your fans?

What is your personal brand mission?

What are the qualities you want associated to you and your brand?

What do you want fans to think of when they think about you?

If you’re not able to answer all of these questions now there is an easy way to do so. Simply ask those fans you currently have what they think of your content and brand. If the responses you get back don’t fit in line with what you had hoped, you’ll want to change the direction you’re going in by putting out a different message.

So What helps establish your brand?

You likely already have established elements of your brand without even knowing it. But these elements are likely scattered and unorganized and therefore cannot be as effective a force as you would like for increased profit and success. You want to start your Brand Planning journey as quickly as possible. Here are things to look at when you are starting to establish your brand.

Your Graphics and Promotions – While large brands will have a logo, your ‘logo’ is more your image itself as well as the graphics you use to represent your OnlyFans page. Even one consistent image used in lots of different promotions can act as a logo of sorts.

Your Brand Messaging – This comes from what you write in your ads as well as the name you choose for your OnlyFans page or online persona. This message should be concise and establish as much as possible about yourself and what kind of content you will be producing. If your brand messaging now doesn’t send out a clear message quickly you will want to adjust it.

Brand Integration – You want to make sure that every bit of communication you do across all of Social Media and the Internet align with one another. That means that your messaging needs to be consistent across all platforms to maximize it’s effectiveness.

You as the Spokesperson – Remember that since you are your brand when it comes to OnlyFans that everything you do reflects good or bad on your business. You can’t put forth a stellar image on your OnlyFans based social media and then have personal social media that is trashy or disrespectful to your audience. If your brand is big enough people will put two and two together and realize that you are a fraud and your brand is just an act. You want to make sure that you don’t hurt your brand by forgetting to be a consistent and constant spokesperson for your image and brand.

Have Brand Standards – You want to make sure that everything you produce is consistent. You can’t have one image that is subpar go out and then spend hours on another piece of marketing material making it perfect. It is best to create marketing templates so that your messaging is consistent no matter where someone sees it. You are always going to be judged by the worst piece of material someone sees from you, not your best. If you’ve been working for a while and have a lot of sub par material out there it will take a few months to cleanse that from your fans minds but it’s always worth it to set higher standards as you move along.

Deliver on Your Brand Promises Always – Remember that what you are trying to establish with your brand messaging and image is trust with your fans. If you make promises with your brand make sure that you can keep them. If you break the trust of your fans by making promises you can’t keep they will not come back and they certainly won’t recommend your content to others.

The Benefits of Being a Brand

The hard work that you put forth establishing your brand comes with a lot of benefits. Here are a few key ways having a brand can really help take your content creation business to the next level.

Fan Loyalty

It’s hard for someone to be loyal to a picture or a video but very easy for them to be loyal to you as a creator. But what if the only thing you are offering is content, it will be harder for them to be loyal to you. They’ll just wait for the next piece of similar content to come out and consume that. When you build an effective brand you will find that your fans and customers will be able to tell the difference between what you produce and what others produce in a more clear and concise way. Since you’ve worked hard to create and maintain your brand your fans will appreciate that hard work and will be more likely to stick around buying more of your content and staying subscribed to your OnlyFans page. If you give people a brand to be loyal to they are more likely to root for you and your success.

Fan Recognition

It will be a lot easier for people to recognize your content and you as a creator in a very crowded marketplace when you are your own brand. Your Fans will be able to instantly tell the difference between you and your competitors due to your unique style, message and brand efforts. This will make it more likely for them to interact with your brand as well as to share your promotions and marketing with others. This also makes it easier for you to stand out and even dominate your niche market. This will also likely create copycats who will attempt to steal or emulate what you are doing. Although this can be annoying at first it actually will show you that you are on the right path towards success when even competitors are copying what you are doing.

Fan’s Creating Buzz on Your Behalf

One great part of having a concise brand message is that it helps create Brand Ambassadors, or people who will talk about you and your brand. This happens when people feel a certain affinity for you beyond just what you are creating. By building up your brand in a positive way it will make it so that more people are talking about it. This creates buzz about you in your niche and can even lead to more of your promotional material becoming viral. This has a great stacking effect because the more buzz your fans build about your brand the more future fans you’ll get that will also spread the word about your brand.

More Effective Marketing and Promotion

When you are able to establish your brand it makes your marketing and promotion efforts that much more effective. By having a brand it can help establish a foundation for your marketing message that is pre-built in to your efforts. That means that when people see your brand or content they will already be associating positive things to it and that will open them up to wanting to hear more about the value you can bring to them. Think about when you see a commercial for Apple, you tend to at least give their marketing message a listen because they are known for innovation. You’re curious about what innovation they may have come up with so you stop and listen. This is the effect a brand can have on your potential customers minds and will make it a lot easier to get your OnlyFans promotional messages to them.

You Can Charge A Higher Price

Another advantage of having a brand is that you can set a price in the marketplace that is higher than most of your competitors. There are lots of tortilla chips but only Doritos has the nerve to charge as much as it does for a bag of chips. You’ll also notice in the grocery store that a brand like Doritos gets eye level placement making it more likely for you to purchase those chips as opposed to the ones on the bottom shelf. The status that a brand brings you allows you to charge a premium for your subscription and your content. People will even feel like they are getting something extra when they aren’t really getting anything more at all. This is the power of branding, it gives value to your content and your identity online allowing you to have a lot more price control over your content.

How to Market Your Brand Successfully

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of having a brand as well as taking the time to establish your brand you’ll want to make sure that you market your brand in the best possible way. Here are a few tips on Marketing ‘The Brand of You Effectively”

Stay on Message

Now that you’ve established your brand message you want to make sure that you consistently promote yourself and that message together. Since it is difficult to untie yourself from your brand, when you promote your brand message you are in turn promoting yourself. When you put marketing materials out into the world remember that they should reflect what your goals are as a brand and content creator. Remember if you decide to promote in the short term you may lose ground in the long term. So if you decide that you are a high end brand and then decide to make a quick buck by putting your content or subscription on sale at a discount price it may take you months to re-establish yourself as high end again. If you say you are only going to post spicy pictures after your fans reach a tip goal and then turn around and post a bunch of erotic pictures anyway, you will damage your brand and what you have built up. This means making sure that all of your ad copy stays on message and that you don’t stray from it ever. Tony the Tiger never decides one day that Frosted Flakes are just ‘Good’ and Not ‘Greaattt” so neither should you ever go off your brand message by even a small bit.

Establish What You Will and Won’t Do Clearly

One thing that sets a good brand apart from a bad brand is that you know exactly what a good brand stands for. That could be quality over quantity, innovation at all costs or a dedication to customer service. You know that a good brand will stick to it’s word about what it is most passionate about. In the same way you as a content creator need to make sure that your fans know what kind of content you produce, what kind of communication you plan on making with them and how consistent you will be as a creator. These are the core elements of success for an OnlyFans creator. If your fans are unclear on where you and your brand stand on certain things they are unlikely to continue to support you or recommend you to others. Once you establish with your fans what kind of content you won’t create, it tells them just as much about you as anything else. The boundaries you set help establish your brand and by setting boundaries you help establish yourself in the marketplace and make a claim for your piece of the success pie.

Produce Consistent Ad Copy and Designs

One of the biggest representations to people of your brand will be the images and copy that you place in your Marketing. Whether you design a fancy design for your OnlyFans name or just let your pictures do the talking for you is up to you. But no matter how you present your brand you always want it to have consistent styling and colors. You want people to be able to recognize you and your brand almost instantly and that requires creating consistent brand images. I have spoken previously about using similar pictures when you promote your OnlyFans. You may think that people will assume you have a small amount of content when you do that but it actually will start to work its way into their brain. One image that people remember is worth a thousand that they easily forget. When you do your marketing for your OnlyFans try to pick one image along with specific coloring and styles that will help establish you and your brand in the minds of fans and potential fans quickly.

Don’t Extend Your Brand too Far too Fast

One key to success with promoting your brand is to take your time with expanding it. What I mean there is that you might have the initial thought that once you have your brand established you want to get it out to as many places as quickly as possible to saturate the market. This isn’t always the best strategy mainly because where you brand yourself also is a brand signal itself. You don’t typically see ads for Tiffany & Co on the side of city buses, nor do you see ads for Super 8 Motels in Times Square. So that means that your brand should market itself in places that make the most sense for it and will also compliment the messaging you are trying to get across. You also want to test out your brand messages in smaller markets and then expand those out to bigger markets once you are sure your brand message is effective. If you rush to plaster your Brand and images everywhere too quickly they may lost their potency as well. Be careful with where you place your image and brand because potential fans will make associations and assumptions based on where they see your marketing.

Be Patient With Your Brand (Branding Takes time)

The last bit of advice when it comes to promoting your OnlyFans page and your brand is to not lose patience with your Branding efforts. Unlike the original branding of livestock which is pretty instantaneous, branding these days takes time. With thousands of other content creators marketing their pages on a daily basis it makes it hard to stand out. This is why you want to hit your potential fans with your brand message at least seven times as that is how many times it typically takes for someone to notice you. If you start to brand yourself in a few places and sales just seem to stay the same for a while, don’t lose hope in your efforts. Remember that a lot of your competition will be gone tomorrow and you’ll be several steps into your branding journey. As you continue to market yourself and your brand message you will start to notice and increase in your buzz and eventually an increase in sales as well. Don’t give up if results don’t come right away and remember that successful branding takes time.

Establish your Brand and You’ll Find Success Comes a lot Easier

So now you know the benefits of creating a brand image as well as the best ways to establish that brand. In the end the goal is the same which is to increase sales and make your page more successful. With a bit of patience and hard work your brand will help your content business take off and grow much larger than you thought it possibly could. Make sure to stay on your brand message consistently and keep your ads and marketing efforts in line with the values your brand stands for. If you are able to do all of that then you will find that success will come a lot easier to you.

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