How can I see who shared a link on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as a professional networking platform, allows users to share valuable content and insights. However, if you’ve ever wondered who shared a specific link on LinkedIn, you might have noticed that the platform doesn’t provide a straightforward method for this.

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How can I see who shared a link on LinkedIn?

How can I see who shared a link on LinkedIn

Fear not; there are strategic steps you can take to uncover the identities of those who shared the link.

Check Post Activity

Start by visiting the post containing the shared link. LinkedIn often displays the engagement metrics on posts, such as likes, comments, and shares.

  • Click on the number of shares, and a pop-up window will appear, showing the profiles of individuals who shared the post.
  • This method is effective if the post has a manageable number of shares.

Engage with the Post

If the post with the shared link is from your network, engaging with it can offer additional insights.

Leave a thoughtful comment or reaction, and LinkedIn may notify you when others engage with the post as well. By keeping an eye on these notifications, you can identify those who shared the link.

Utilize Advanced Search

  • LinkedIn’s advanced search feature can be a powerful tool.
  • Copy the link you’re interested in, go to LinkedIn’s search bar, and paste it.

Navigate to the “Posts” filter to specifically search for posts containing that link. This can help you find the post in question and see who shared it.

Reach Out to the Poster

If you know the person who posted the link, consider reaching out to them directly. Politely inquire about the individuals who shared the link or express your interest in knowing more about the post’s engagement.

Networking is a fundamental aspect of LinkedIn, and professionals are often open to discussing their content.

Explore Profile Activity

Visit the profiles of individuals you suspect might have shared the link. Look for recent activity, especially posts related to the link in question.

LinkedIn provides a feed of a user’s recent activity, including posts they’ve shared. This method is more manual but can yield results.

Use External Tools

While LinkedIn itself may not offer a direct way to see who shared a link, certain third-party tools claim to provide such insights.

Exercise caution when using external tools, as they may violate LinkedIn’s terms of service, potentially leading to account restrictions.

Check Notifications

LinkedIn often sends notifications when someone shares your content or engages with a post you’ve interacted with.

Monitor your LinkedIn notifications for any relevant updates. This can provide real-time information about who shared the link.


LinkedIn’s design emphasizes professional networking and content sharing, but it doesn’t explicitly reveal the individuals who shared a particular link on the platform.

Through a combination of post activity, engagement, advanced search, and direct communication, you can navigate the LinkedIn landscape to uncover the mystery of link sharers. Remember to respect privacy and adhere to LinkedIn’s terms of service in your quest for information.

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