Dynasty IPTV – Install on Firestick and Android [Easy Guide]

The Internet Protocol Television service is the vast network to watch the Television channels on your streaming device. Today we are going to learn about the Dynasty IPTV service.

Dynasty IPTV – Install on Firestick and Android [Easy Guide]

  • What is Dynasty IPTV?
  • How to Watch Dynasty IPTV?

You can get the details of the Dynasty IPTV service and the installation procedure in this article. We will assist you in installing and streaming the app on your device.

What is Dynasty IPTV?

Dynasty IPTV is one of the best Internet Protocol Television services for your streaming device to watch your favourite content. The Dynasty streaming service has provided a total of 6,000 Plus Live Channels on your device.

Dynasty IPTV

And the VOD benefits are also available in this streaming service. This Internet Protocol Television service is compatible with all streaming devices.

You can get this service on your Amazon Firestick device too. The installation procedure is given below.

What are the Features of Dynasty IPTV?

This IPTV service has many benefits and the content in its platform. The features are given in the below list. They are:

  • Live Channels > You can watch more than 6,000 Live Television Channels on the Dynasty Television channel streaming service.
  • VOD > It provides on-demand videos on this streaming platform.
  • Quality > You can watch the videos, shows, movies and other content in the HD quality range.
  • Channels > It provides the television channels from Canada, Greek, and the United States of America. 
  • Download > This service allows us to download your favourite content on this streaming platform.
  • Offline > Also, you can watch the downloaded content in offline. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are free.

These are all the features that the Dynasty IPTV service has given for us. Install this Internet Protocol Television service on your streaming device and get all the benefits given on this platform.

How much does Dynasty IPTV cost?

The Dynasty Television streaming service was a paid service. It has three kinds of subscription packages on its platform.

Dynasty IPTV Subscription cost

And the subscription package is given in the image. Here is the image, and you can get any of the subscription packages which is convenient to you. Get the subscription package and watch your favourite videos on the required platform.

How to Watch Dynasty IPTV?

There we have two methods to watch the Dynasty streaming service on your device. They are:

🔶 Stream Dynasty IPTV on Firestick

🔸 Screen Mirror Dynasty IPTV on Smart TV

These two are the methods we are going to watch the Dynasty streaming service on your Smart TV display.

Watch Dynasty IPTV on Firestick:

We have some pre-procedure to download it on your Firestick device. They are:

Enable Unknown Sources:

👉Step 1: ( Settings )

Connect your Firestick and Smart TV. Then set the internet connection to your devices. Go to the settings section of your Firestick device.

👉Step 2: ( My Fire TV )

Here we have to click on the My Fire TV option.

my fire tv

👉Step 3: ( Devices )

Then, move forward to the Devices settings and get into the procedure.

👉Step 4: ( Developer Options )

You can see the Developer options on the screen. Tap on the section and click on the ABD Debugging option.

developer option

👉Step 5: ( Turn On )

Turn on the ABD Debugging option and move back to the Developer options page.

Apps from Unknown Sources

👉Step 6: ( Apps from Unknown Sources )

Get into the Apps from Unknown Sources settings and Enable it by tapping on the switch on the screen.

Install Downloader:

The second method is to install the Downloader app on your device. But we need a standard internet connection on your device. So, set your device with a high-speed network connection.

👉Step 1: ( App Store )

Use your remote controller to go to the Amazon App Store in-built on your device. You can click on the Find option in the menu toolbar.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Tap on the URL browsing icon on the App Store page and browse for Downloader in the given search space.

downloader app

👉Step 3: ( Get )

Pick the needed Downloader app from the search result and click on the Download or Get button to download the app on your Firestick device.

👉Step 4: ( Open )

You will get the notification after the app is installed on your device, but you have to wait for a while. Tap the installed Downloader app from your device’s home screen.

Install Dynasty IPTV on Firestick:

👉Step 1: ( Open Downloader )

You have to unfold the installed Downloader on your Firestick screen.

👉Step 2: ( Copy URL )

Open the web browser on your device and search for the “Dynasty IPTV apk file” in the respective search space. Open the trusted website and copy the download URL link on the clipboard.

👉Step 3: ( Paste )

And Paste the URL on the search field in the Downloader app.

downloader url

👉Step 4: ( Go )

Tap on the Go option to go to the installation page.

👉Step 5: ( Install )

Here you have to tap on the Install key to get the app and stream the content on your device.

👉Step 6: ( Delete )

Then, delete the download link on your device to clear the space of your Fire Stick device.

cyberflix delete

👉Step 7: ( VPN )

You can use Express VPN or IP Vanish VPN for secure streaming on your device.

👉Step 8: ( Open )

Unfold the installed Dynasty IPTV streaming service on your device and watch your favourite content on your Smart TV big screen.

That’s all; we have successfully installed the Dynast IPTV streaming service on your device and enjoy your free time.

Screen Mirror Dynasty IPTV on Smart TV:

We are going to share your Android screen with your Smart TV display, but we need a Smartphone for this because we are going to install the Dynasty Internet Protocol Television service on your Smartphone device.

👉Step 1: ( Connect Devices )

Bind your Smartphone and Smart TV to the same internet connection.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

Open the web browser service on your Android device and click the search icon.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

Type and search as Dynasty IPTV apk streaming service in the given space.

👉Step 4: ( Download )

Download the latest version of the Dynasty Internet Protocol Television apk file on your Web Browser app.

👉Step 5: ( Install )

Move forward to the Downloads section on your web browser app and click on the downloaded apk file of the required IPTV service. And install it on your Android device screen.

Screen Mirror Dynasty IPTV on Smart TV:

👉Step 6: ( Open )

Go to your device’s home screen and click on the installed Dynasty app in the apps section.

👉Step 7: ( Sign In )

Get the sign-in page at the app and enter the credentials to log in to the app.

👉Step 8: ( Stream )

Select any movies or shows on the Television channel given in the Dynasty streaming service.

👉Step 9: ( Cast )

On the video playing screen, you can see the cast symbol. So, hit the symbol.


👉Step 10: ( Choose device )

Here, you want to select your streaming device name in the given small window.

Then click on the connect option and connect your devices and look at the Smart TV display; your Android screen was screening on the

Our Final Notes:

The Dynasty IPTV was a streaming service, and you can install and stream it on your Firestick and Smartphone device. We have provided the installation procedure and streaming methods in this article. So you can easily download it on your device.

If you have any doubts, you can ask me in the message section, and I will clear your doubts and send you the answer as soon as possible.

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