Best Datacenter Proxy Services (May 2023)

The least expensive method to modify your IP address is through data center proxies. They are the preferred option for a variety of jobs, including workflow automation, gaming, and web content scraping. They also let users bypass geolocation constraints. Datacenter Proxies are cheaper when compared to Residential Proxies.

Proxy servers in Datacenters come in a wide range. You can obtain IP addresses that are static or dynamic, shared or reserved for your sole use, and occasionally even free.

Users can route their internet traffic through a data center as opposed to directly from their machine using data center proxy services. Numerous benefits may result from this, including enhanced security, privacy, and functionality when using internet resources. By granting access to more servers and networks, the proxy service can also assist enterprises in lowering their costs.

The main categories are explained on this page, and we’ll help you select the top data center proxy services from a carefully compiled list.

List of Best Datacenter Proxy Services in 2023

Bright data

Bright data provides datacenter proxies

A particular kind of proxy, known as a Bright Data datacenter proxy, is made to give consumers a quick, safe, and dependable connection to websites and other internet services. These proxies are optimized to offer consumers the highest performance and dependability, and they are hosted in data centers with fast internet connections.

Users may get around limitations, access geographically restricted content, and maintain their anonymity online with Bright Data datacenter proxies without having to be concerned about their IP address being revealed. These proxies are also made to work with all popular operating systems and browsers.


  • Offers a sophisticated API to let you automate your proxy activities.
  • Works with all popular devices and browsers
  • Ensures complete privacy for all of your online activities


Smartproxy datacenter proxy

Smartproxy is a reliable and trusted platform offering the Datacenter Proxies. Proxy servers built utilizing a server rented from a data center and its IP address are known as datacenter proxies. These proxies can be used for a range of purposes, including web scraping, ad verification, and more, and they have high performance and scalability.

The datacenter proxies from Smartproxy have an average response time of 1 second and are quick, dependable, and secure. Additionally, they provide options like rotating and sticky IPs to guarantee a more private experience.


  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Quick connection speed
  • Customer service is available around the clock.


Oxylabs provides best datacenter proxy

High-performance proxies from Oxylabs’ datacenters give users access to a huge variety of IPs from different residential and mobile networks. They provide several services like limitless bandwidth, numerous IP subnets, revolving IP addresses, and fast connections. Oxylabs’s datacenter proxies are made to be utilized for data-intensive operations like web scraping and online research. They also offer improved security and privacy thanks to features like IP authorization and others.


  • A range of geographic areas and IP types
  • A variety of authentication techniques
  • Whitelisting IP


Shifter datacenter proxies

Shifter data center proxies are proxy servers that enable anonymous internet access and are present in data centers all around the world. Compared to conventional proxy services, they offer greater privacy and security because they conceal the user’s IP address and other identifying information. They can also be used to access websites and services that are often prohibited and to get around geo-blocking.


  • Safe Internet Access
  • Enables access to websites and content that your nation or region may have restricted.

Storm proxies

Storm Proxies

Residential and data center proxies are both available from Storm proxies. IP addresses that are stored on servers in data centers are known as datacenter proxies. They are used to speed up web scraping, get around censorship, and access geo-restricted websites. Additionally, dedicated and shared data center proxies from Storm Proxies are available. These proxies offer limitless bandwidth and threads.


  • Provides all of its customers with exceptional support.
  • At least 99.9% of the time available
  • Provides several proxy locations


Rayobyte provides reliable proxies

Proxy servers from Robyte’s datacenters are safe, confidential, and trustworthy, and they may be used to access blocked websites, get around geographic limitations, and safeguard your privacy online. Robyte’s datacenter, which is housed in a safe, private facility, offers the proxies. The proxies are made to offer a quick, secure connection and guard against third parties watching or intercepting your data. Additionally, highly customizable, Robyte’s datacenter proxies let you select the nation and city from which you want to access the internet.


  • Speedy page loading
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Enables private web browsing

IP Royal

Ip royal data center proxies

A variety of datacenter proxies are available from IP Royal for different uses. IP Royal offers proxies for scraping, sneaker copping, ticketing, gaming, and other purposes depending on the user’s requirements. All of the datacenter proxies are extremely safe, dependable, and supported by both IPv4 and IPv6. The datacenter proxies provided by IP Royal are also very anonymous and offer quick connection times. They are an excellent option for every user because they work with the majority of popular browsers and OS systems.


  • High-speed proxy server
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • 24/7 customer support


Webshare provides smart proxies

Webshare datacenter proxies are physically housed on a server that is either owned or rented by the proxy provider and located in a data center. They are typically used to preserve your privacy and security when browsing the internet as well as to access websites that are prohibited or unavailable in some regions. Because they have access to the most recent gear and high-bandwidth connections, Webshare datacenter proxies are often significantly faster and more dependable than residential proxies. Additionally, Webshare datacenter proxies provide greater levels of anonymity and allow access to websites that are typically banned by residential proxies.


  • Secure storage
  • Device syncing
  • Collaboration tools

Proxy Empire

Proxy empire provides datacenter proxies

Leading suppliers of datacenter proxies include Proxy Empire. They provide a variety of trustworthy, safe, and quick datacenter proxies. They offer a broad variety of IP addresses that can be used to access various websites and services because their datacenter proxies are spread across multiple nations in the world. Additionally, they provide shared proxies, virtual private networks, and dedicated servers. Their entire network of proxies is constantly scrutinized to make sure it is safe and dependable. They also offer technical help and first-rate customer service.


  • Secure and anonymous browsing
  • Several server sites
  • Unrestricted capacity

Proxy Seller 

Proxy seller datacenter proxies

A business or person selling proxies out of a data center is known as a proxy seller. Datacenter proxies are servers that are used to route traffic through an IP address other than the user’s actual address and are housed in a data center. Users can stay anonymous online and access websites and services that might be restricted in their area by using a data center proxy. Web scraping, content scraping, and other activities requiring a lot of traffic are frequently done using data center proxies. Additionally, they are used for security and privacy purposes.


  • High-quality proxies for any opportune word
  • Packaging types, wholesale, and retail
  • 24/7/365 technical support


What Are Proxies for Datacenters?

Remote machines with their IP address and physical location are datacenter proxies. You use them as a conduit before connecting directly to websites. This enables you to conceal your personal information.

Servers in data centers host datacenter IPs. They are therefore far faster and frequently have unlimited bandwidth, but they are more easily identified than home and mobile proxies. Protected domains (like social media, Google, or shoe stores) won’t be accessible, but they’re still highly useful in many situations.

Can I Use Data Center Proxies Anywhere?

In general, proxies work with the majority of programs that enable HTTP/HTTPS connections. You have a few more alternatives to deal with because some businesses also accept the SOCKS protocol.

What distinguishes Shared datacenter proxies from dedicated datacenter proxies?

Shared Datacenter proxy

Free proxies are a huge improvement over shared datacenter proxies. They function far more effectively than public lists and give you more room than the aforementioned freemium choices. It’s not ideal, but with smaller websites, you might not even be aware that you’re sharing these IPs with many other users. However, it’s forbidden to access sneaker websites, use search engine crawling, or handle several social media accounts.

Compared to dedicated addresses, shared proxies are significantly less expensive. You can choose between a pool of rotating addresses that resembles residential proxies and a static IP list with unlimited bandwidth. Per IP address or gigabyte of traffic, they charge $0.5 to $1.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

The most expensive datacenter IPs are dedicated proxies, sometimes known as private proxies. These addresses offer the best performance (no sharing!), are hosted on high-end hardware, and pose less of a threat to be blacklisted while you utilize them. If shared proxies encounter too many blocks, you require additional control, or you want consistency, they make sense.

These proxies offer limitless bandwidth but no IP rotation and are nearly always offered by IP address. Remember that. Depending on how many and where you purchase an address, the price ranges from $0.8 to $2. There may be additional fees for non-US locations.

What Sets Data Center Proxies Apart from Residential Proxies?

In brief, residential proxies use addresses that belong to regular users, whereas data center proxies use IP addresses that are kept in data centers. Internet service providers assign residential IP addresses, but the businesses that own the servers in data centers create data center IP addresses.

What Sets Shared Proxies Apart from Private Proxies?

When you purchase a private proxy, you can be sure that for the duration of your subscription, only you will have access to it. Shared proxies allow numerous users to access the same proxy, according to the provider. Due to this, users who value their privacy should consider private proxies, even though they are more expensive.

Over to you with Best Datacenter Proxy Services

For individuals who prioritize performance and price above all else, datacenter proxies are fantastic. These proxies can still be utilized for a variety of online activities even though they have some limitations compared to residential and mobile proxies.

Data center proxies have a lot to offer if you use them for what they were designed to do. Data center proxies can offer you a straightforward and affordable method of concealing your identity when accessing the internet, even if you are not interested in things like page scraping or performance testing.

Although there are many data center proxy services available today, we advise you to be careful when choosing a provider. Only a very small portion of providers may genuinely be regarded as reliable. You won’t need to worry about the validity of the 10 proxy services we covered in this post because they are all well-known names in the sector. They were all carefully chosen. All of the providers we included offer excellent services, even though we chose to go with a ranked list.

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