WhatsApp video messages are finally here

WhatsApp, probably the most popular chat platform in the world, has long been missing many advanced features like video messages. It’s actually interesting how this service became so popular in the first place, considering its previous lack of advanced features compared to the competition.

In recent months, Meta’s management apparently has woken up and started introducing many new features. For example, we can now use the same account on four different devices. You can also find a sending HD photo option and much more interesting stuff we’ve been writing about before.

In addition to existing features, WhatsApp is now introducing video messages. Truth be told, there already was and still is the option of sending video clips manually. With the new feature, it becomes more simple, though.

WhatsApp video messages

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After several weeks of beta testing, the app was available to a limited number of users. Today, Meta announced rollout of a new official app version with a video message feature.

WhatsApp video messages have 60 seconds limit

As for the WhatsApp video messages interface, there will also appear a camera icon. The latter will allow you to start and stop video recording. After you finish, it can be sent immediately.

But there’s a catch. Unlike voice messages, each video can last up to 60 seconds. This limit is probably there to reduce costs when you’re not connected to WiFi.

Well, it could also be good for the recipient who you already bother with your voice messages lasting like podcasts. The limit of one minute will prevent you from sending entire movies to your friends and family.

When the recipient receives your WhatsApp video message, it will by default be displayed muted. If you want to enable it, you just tap the video, and the party can begin.

According to information published on the official blog, a version of the application containing this feature will be available coming weeks

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