What are walking pads, and how do they differ from treadmills?


Many people nowadays walk the dog or take their daily walk around the block rather than hitting the gym and getting a good sweat. Working professionals are under such high stress that working out seems daunting. Other times the gym has been called too expensive and inconvenient, and people have given up. But what a shame it is! It’s time to get back into shape, and exercise is the best way to do so.

A wide variety of exercise equipment is available. Most of these can be used at home to give you something to strive for. Some are designed specifically for home use, while others are made to be portable and easy to use. 

How Walking Pads Differ from Treadmills

Walking pads and treadmills come at the top of this list, and there are solid reasons for their popularity. These are two excellent options if you’re looking to get back into shape. This blog will examine these two exercise machines and detail the two options.

  • What is a Walking Pad? The walking pad is a piece of exercise equipment designed to enhance your regular walking. A walking place is like a smaller alternative to the treadmill.

Walking pads are sold under different brand names in the US and in the UK. If you are in the European market, read The best walking pad in the UK.

It is light and portable, providing a surface to walk on during exercise sessions. The walking pad was invented by a group of mechanical and electrical engineers aiming to offer a low-cost, high-quality alternative to the treadmill. It does so by giving a relative amount of resistance when used as a treadmill for a cheaper cost.

The Best Walking Pads Compared in this Guide are a piece of excellent exercise equipment because it is affordable and convenient. However, you can only walk on it because the device is lightweight compared to the traditional treadmill. Researchers propose that walking for around 30 minutes improves your health significantly, so why not use a walking pad?

Walkers must be aware of the weight limit, as many companies make walking pads with a weight limit of around 350 lbs. This limits the number of people who can use the walking pad, even though it is an excellent piece of home exercise equipment.

  • What is a treadmill? The treadmill is another piece of exercise equipment that is commonly used in homes. Many post-surgery patients use treadmills as they can walk on them while they heal. 

Other people use treadmills to stay fit or in good shape. A treadmill is a great option to get back into shape. Contrary to popular belief, treadmills can also come in handy when you are a professional athlete. They provide excellent resistance and allow you to focus on the important aspects of your workout.

Whereas the walking pad is limited to walking, the treadmill comes with various options. If you use the best folding treadmill, you can walk, run and even jog in the case of a sprint setting. You can make your workout enjoyable or as tricky as you want it to be.

Differences Between the Walking Pad and the Treadmill

  • Space. In terms of space usage, the walking pads that in Canada are mostly called folding under desk treadmills excel above its counterpart. It is much more compact and lightweight than the treadmill. The treadmill is giant, so moving it from room to room is impossible. If you have a low ceiling, the walking pad can be a convenient option because it is only slightly raised. For this reason, relative clearance between your head and the roof will allow you to work out even in small spaces. The same cannot be said about the treadmill. The treadmill is raised by a few inches; thus, it can only be used in large enough areas with good clearance overhead.
  • Cost is another factor to consider when choosing between the walking pad and the treadmill. The best treadmills under $1000 are professional-grade equipment thus more expensive than the walking pad since it has a more extensive range of features. The walking pad is very affordable since it has minimal features. The walking pad thus presents a pocket-friendly option to ensure that even those with a low budget can still access the benefits of this equipment.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring. Treadmills comprise heart rate monitoring systems, whereas the walking pad does not have such a feature. With the walking pad, you must use external equipment to monitor your heart rate. On the contrary, you can use the internal monitoring systems on the treadmill to track and record the peaks and dips in your heart rate throughout the exercise.
  • Motor Power. Compared to the treadmill, the walking pad features a lower motor power. Therefore, the walking pad cannot produce a higher peak influence at faster speeds. Furthermore, the walking pad has fewer inclines and is, therefore, easier to use with minimal stamina. Because of this, the treadmill would be a preferable option if you are looking for a more challenging workout.
  • Safety. To stop a treadmill, you have to switch it off, which is very cumbersome. It is better to use the walking pad as it allows you to stop and restart quickly without worrying about turning the equipment off or on. This is a very safe feature and something you would like to consider if you are looking for a safer option.
  • Preset Programs. In this category, the treadmill beats out the walking pad. The treadmill offers time, distance, speed, and inclines options. For those looking to customize their workout experience, the treadmill is preferable. In addition, you can easily track the statistics of your workout session. You can also view your heart rate and use the treadmill to burn fat. The walking pad does not record or track any statistics for you, so the treadmill is your best option if you want something more comprehensive.
  • Grip. The treadmill always has a handle for support in case you feel tired. The handle can also easily carry the equipment from one place to another. A grip comes in handy when you need to balance your weight. The walking pad does not have a handle, so your hands have nothing to hold on to. In this case, placing the equipment in an area with a place to hold on to nearby would be advisable. This may come in handy when you are fatigued.

How to Use the Walking Pad | Safety Rules

The speed of the walking pad automatically adjusts to the speed of your footsteps. This machine uses high-precision sensors to maintain, increment, or slow your walking speed. You can also increase the speed of the walking pad by walking close to the front. If you want to maintain your current rate, walking in the middle is advisable. 

However, if you want to slow down, walking close to the back of the walking pad is advisable. This equipment can be used anytime and anywhere. It is easy to carry and can be folded to a very small size. To top it all off, you can link the walking pad to an Android or an IOS device to store and track your walking data.

Advantages of Using a Walking Pad

  • Compact in Size. The walking pad is small enough to be taken anywhere you want. It provides just enough surface area for your feet, which is great for people who need to move around a lot while walking. It is easy to fold the walking pad and conveniently place it wherever you want to do your workout. So even if you live in a small apartment, you can conveniently have a walking pad.
  • Lightweight. The walking pad is light enough to be moved with ease. No matter where you go, you can easily fit your walking pad into your luggage. This makes the walking place perfect for holidays or traveling between houses as a workout option.
  • Minimal Noise. The walking pad features minimal space between the floor and the device itself. Because of this, it makes very little noise and fits well in any environment. You can use the walking pad in public places or in your house without worrying about disturbing anyone. The walking pad presents an environmentally friendly solution when it comes to noise reduction.
  • Automatic Speed Control. The walking pad adjusts its speed to your walking speed. When you walk faster, the walking pad also increases its speed to match your pace. This feature is useful for people who don’t want to worry about their pace and want to focus on their fitness.
  • Safe. When it comes to safety, the walking pad is a great choice. It features a non-slip surface, so you will never fall off it. You will also not slip on the surface, even if you are sweating during your exercise session. It also has a cushioning layer that will protect your feet against the effects of friction.

Depending on what you are looking for, the walking pad and the under-desk foldable treadmill are great options. The treadmill is bigger, has more features, and is more expensive. However, it comes with a better exercise experience. The walking pad is more affordable and is smaller, so it is easier to carry around. It also has fewer features, but in return, it gives you a safer workout experience. Both of these machines are great tools for your health and fitness.


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