Using Duet AI to upgrade a reactive into a proactive dashboard

Using Duet AI to upgrade a reactive dashboard into a proactive dashboardIn business, staying ahead of potential problems is crucial for maintaining high productivity and operational efficiency. For those who manage data within the manufacturing industry, the challenge lies in transforming a traditional, reactive approach into a proactive strategy. This is where advanced tools like Duet AI, Looker, and Google Cloud come into play, empowering teams to anticipate and prevent issues before they disrupt the manufacturing process.

The journey towards a more efficient manufacturing operation begins with tapping into real-time data from the production floor. This data is analyzed instantly and displayed through Looker, providing a constantly updated view of the plant’s performance. Duet AI enhances this process by identifying the root causes of potential problems and suggesting further queries to deepen the analysis.

To prevent future breakdowns, a predictive maintenance model is developed using BigQuery Studio. This tool is essential for examining data and building models that can predict issues with greater accuracy. The model’s effectiveness is further improved by incorporating datasets from Google Cloud and other cloud services, which ensures a comprehensive understanding of the data.

Duet AI in business

If you are interested in learning how you can upgrade reactive dashboards into proactive dashboards using artificial intelligence. Google has put together a brief overview showing how you can use Google Duet AI.

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Duet AI proves to be a valuable asset again by simplifying the creation of SQL for a predictive model that combines data from multiple clouds. This speeds up the coding process and ensures seamless data integration. To align the model with real-time data, Python is used within a BigQuery notebook.

A key component of the proactive dashboard is the use of unstructured inspector reports. Enhanced with sophisticated AI, these reports provide actionable advice for plant operators. By translating complex data into clear instructions, operators can make swift and informed decisions.

All of this takes place within the secure environment of BigQuery, where data security is a top priority. The predictive model’s accuracy and reliability are further improved by leveraging Vertex AI and BigQuery’s machine learning inference engine. Once the proactive dashboard is in place, it does more than just predict potential issues—it actively notifies plant operators with insightful alerts. These predictive notifications greatly improve the plant’s efficiency and the quality of decision-making.

By embracing these innovative technologies, downtime is reduced, and a new standard for operational excellence in the manufacturing industry is set. The integration of Duet AI, Looker, and Google Cloud transforms the way manufacturing plants operate, making them smarter and more responsive to the challenges they face.

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