The Google Pixel Tablet’s unannounced colorway surfaces in a new leak

What you need to know

  • A fourth color variant for the Google Pixel Tablet has been leaked.
  • The black colorway surfaced in earlier leaks before Google unveiled the tablet, but it was a no-show at this year’s I/O event.
  • Google may refer to this unannounced variant as “Charcoal,” as it does for Pixel phones in this color.

A few weeks before the Google Pixel Tablet hits store shelves, a new color variant of the tablet could join the three options currently available for preorder.

9to5Google has shared a few renders of the Pixel Tablet in black, though a matching charging speaker dock in the same color was not included. According to the outlet, this could be paired with the Hazel dock given that it is the closest match to the black color profile.

Pixel Tablet screen

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Google did not announce a black color variant for the Pixel Tablet at this year’s I/O event; only the Porcelain (beige), Rose (light pink), and Hazel (dark green) made their debut. However, prior to the event, there had been some leaks that suggested that such a variant may be in the works.

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