The Best Time to Use Video in Your Sales Process

November 28, 2022·10 min read

Great news: Video isn’t just for prospecting (though it’s very effective there). You can use it throughout the sales cycle to capture attention, keep deals moving forward, and close new business.

The simple answer to the question of when you should use video in your sales process is: Anywhere you would like higher conversions, more responses, faster deals, and more customer retention and satisfaction.

Video for sales gets much well-deserved attention for its early-stage, attention-grabbing power, but the video connection grows more valuable through the sales cycle.

We’ll explain why you should consider adding video throughout your sales process, plus how it can help improve your communication at every stage—especially the later ones.

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  1. Contents
  2. 1. Video for Every Sales Cycle Stage: When to Use It and Why?
  3. 1.1 Prospecting and Introductions: How to Create Videos That Capture Attention
  4. 1.1.1 Use Video to Virtually Stand Out in a Prospect’s Inbox
  5. 1.1.2 Breathe New Life into Your Value Proposition with Video
  6. 1.1.3 Use Video Analytics to Perfectly Time Your Follow-Up
  7. 1.1.4 Use Video to Crack More Accounts in Account-Based Selling
  8. 1.2 Converting and Closing: Accelerate Deals with Video Messages
  9. 1.2.1 Send Video Reminders to Reduce No-Show Rates
  10. 1.2.2 Record Video Introductions to Reinforce Account Handoffs
  11. 1.2.3 Be Unforgettable and Solidify Your Message with Follow-Up Videos
  12. 1.2.4 Reduce the Back and Forth by Answering Common Questions via Video
  13. 1.2.5 Skip the Live Meeting and Record and Send a Mini-Demo Instead
  14. 1.2.6 Increase Win Rates with Proposal Walkthrough Videos
  15. 1.2.7 Use Video Libraries for Sales Enablement and Team Training
  16. 1.3 Post-Sale Success: Strategically Use Video to Retain and Up-Sell Customers
  17. 1.3.1 Improve Retention Rates with Warm Handoffs Using Video Introductions
  18. 1.3.2 Using Video Screen Shares Helps Resolve Customer Issues Faster
  19. 1.3.3 Send Video Messages to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Build Relationships
  20. 1.3.4 Uncover More Up-Sell Opportunities with Personalized Videos and Video Libraries
  21. 1.3.5 A Video Message can Help Re-Engage Customers Who’ve Gone Dark

Video for Every Sales Cycle Stage: When to Use It and Why?

Your buyers are inundated with outbound prospecting emails. Buying cycles are increasingly complex, with more stakeholders involved in purchasing decisions. Retaining and up-sell existing customers is also becoming more challenging as the fight for budget dollars continues.

Using video across every stage of the customer lifecycle can help you stand out as a rep and organization and improve your customers’ buying experience. From standing out in the inbox to delighting customers—below, we’ll go deeper into when and how you can use video to win more.

Prospecting and Introductions: How to Create Videos That Capture Attention

Video prospecting is the most well-known use case for video among sales pros. And that’s because it works. At the beginning of the sales process, when you’re trying to make introductions or book meetings with new prospects—leveraging video messaging as part of your overall cadence is a surefire way to make more connections.

1. Use Video to Virtually Stand Out in a Prospect’s Inbox

Video outreach is unusual and exciting and excels at breaking through to earn the attention of busy would-be buyers. A sales video email with a compelling subject line is more likely to be opened, and the ability to easily set an eye-catching thumbnail lets you highlight your personality and get creative about earning responses.

Like with any outreach tactic, test out what works and doesn’t for you. If you don’t get a reply, you can always resend the same video with a different subject line.

A virtual selling tool like the Vidyard Chrome extension makes it easy to record and send a video right within your preferred email client, sales engagement platform, or even via a LinkedIn direct message. You can also share videos from your Vidyard library on your personal LinkedIn feed, in a direct message, or to a company page.

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2. Breathe New Life into Your Value Proposition with Video

Use a screen share video to show how your product or service is a good fit on your very first touch. Instead of waiting for the prospects’ response, you put it all out there.

And, unlike a cold call, which disrupts their day, they can consume it on their own time. Use screen captures to walk through the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, their organization’s website, or your own sales deck.

See it in Action
In this example, Daniel creates a screen share video to walk through a prospect’s LinkedIn profile. A simple screen share video is an amazing way to send a personalized message that actually gets results. Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

3. Use Video Analytics to Perfectly Time Your Follow-Up

With a video tool designed for sales, you’ll know when a prospect watches your video. And whereas email tracking only notifies you that the prospect opened your email, video view analytics shows how much of the content the viewer watched and what parts they skipped.

Reps that call prospects when they’re halfway through a video and already looking at the sales reps’ face have dramatically higher connect rates. And when you know which parts of the video interested viewers, you know what value proposition to lead with.

There’s a big opportunity for using video as part of outbound digital sales strategies to stand out and create a more personal connection from day one. It’s a powerful way to answer frequently asked questions in a more engaging and memorable way. But there’s also a big opportunity to use one-to-one video for incremental relationship-building by infusing your follow-ups, call recaps, product demos, and proposals with your voice and personality. Video can play an important role throughout the entire sales process.

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4. Use Video to Crack More Accounts in Account-Based Selling

If you’re leveraging account-based marketing or account-based selling at your organization, create persona and account-based videos that sales reps can mix, match, and send (try asking your marketing team for help). This can save your sales teams significant time with your Tier II and Tier III accounts, which may share lots of similarities and use cases.

For all of your top accounts, you can send personalized one-to-one videos highlighting your deep knowledge of the account and giving the outreach a high-touch flair.

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