Metaverse Marketing: Mineski Global Recognizes Power of Gamification in Marketing

Jamie Paraso, Regional Vice President for Marketing of Mineski Group, shared insights on gamification and immersive brand experiences at the National Marketing Conference 2023: READY MARKETING ONE! He highlighted how gamification affects marketing noting its rising popularity in the Philippines.

Mineski on Gamification

As a part of Mineski, Southeast Asia’s largest esports organization, Paraso discussed the changing role of gaming and entertainment. He emphasized that these activities are no longer just for leisure but also play a crucial role in building connections, making an impact, and empowering users to customize their content experiences.

Accordingly, he stressed that gamification is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines, as businesses recognize its effectiveness in capturing attention, fostering competition, and shaping desired behaviors. 

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Moreover, Paraso emphasized that to effectively leverage gamification to create immersive brand experiences, businesses should understand their target audience and their experiences within the existing marketing ecosystem.

“To be able to properly gamify, knowing the audience is key. Taking into consideration what they engage with and what they enjoy so as not to create a contrived user journey or experience. Rewarding the user is one thing but to be able to create value in the journey and process creates sustainability and a meaningful loyalty loop that embeds brands into the daily conversations of end consumers,” he explained.

As per a media release, in practice, Mineski Global has bolstered gamification in the Philippines through brands such as GG Truck, Slash, and mgames. 

Slash, a ticketing and gamification platform, enhances events through digital event passports and access to over 150 games–it was recently utilized by the popular event Electronic Sports and Games Summit (ESGS). Moreover, Mgames, available on Gcash’s GLife and the Viber messaging app, aims to provide an immersive gamified experience, while GG Truck takes gamification to rural areas.

National Marketing Conference in the Metaverse

Inspired by the film READY PLAYER ONE, the 52nd National Marketing Conference adopted the digital realm as its theme, “Metaverse Marketing: Ready Marketing One.” 

The conference was organized by the Philippine Marketing Association and brought together marketing professionals, academics, small and medium-sized enterprises, and industry leaders to explore evolving marketing trends.

Photo for the Article - Metaverse Marketing: Mineski Global Recognizes Power of Gamification in Marketing

According to a press release, this year’s conference featured case studies, brand learnings, tools, and pro tips from local and international marketing experts. It aimed to spotlight marketing strategies, technologies, and trends shaping the future.

Moreover, following the metaverse in its theme, the conference also aimed to provide attendees with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the digital landscape, as well as the next steps for implementing these innovative strategies in their marketing efforts. 

Additionally, the conference adopted a hybrid format for the first time, allowing both physical and virtual attendance.

Web3 Gaming in PH

The gaming industry in the Philippines has been a huge market ever since, in fact, according to a report by Newzoo, a provider of market intelligence for the gaming industry, the Philippines has a total of 43 million gamers, with a projected growth of 14.3% between 2020 and 2023. These numbers make the country the world’s 25th-biggest market by game revenues, as well as a key driver of Southeast Asia’s overall games market.

Those are just in web2 alone. As for the country’s web3 market, Filipinos began to explore the space in 2021 due to the emergence and popularity of Axie Infinity. The success of the game sparked the interest of Filipinos in trying out new web3 and blockchain games.

Accordingly, in March, the Web3 Games Collective (W3GC) was established with the collaboration of Yield Guild Games, Game7, Magic Eden, and Fenix Games. This collective initiative seeks to drive the adoption of high-quality blockchain games by streamlining the landscape, fostering ecosystem growth for mass adoption, and mitigating risks for investors, developers, and ecosystem partners. 


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