Ives Insurance Service Launches The First Ever Repair Insurance Program Focusing On Investment Properties

San Diego-based independent insurance agency, Ives Insurance Service, announces the launch of its uniquely designed Repair Insurance Program. The new service is a strategic insurance approach by the company to help people stay financially stable and secure even in the current fluctuating insurance market. Through the newly launched service, the company intends to help property investors save significant amounts of money when it comes to the repair of their properties. Ives partners with another reputed company to launch this initiative, which is the first-ever repair insurance program in the industry. 

Founded by the visionary leader, Dick Ives, Ives Insurance Service has the legacy of being a reputed player in the industry for the last 85 years. The new service introduced by the company is very much aligned with his vision. He always wanted to expand the scope of the insurance sector by incorporating products and services tailored to the unique needs of people in different circumstances. The new repair and property insurance program is the newest strategy in the current volatile insurance industry. It combines cost predictability, savings, and more coverage than a typical investor’s insurance policy would provide.

“Our aim is to provide the investors, who have significant property portfolios, with an opportunity to make meaningful gains from insurance. Our service enables them to get substantial benefits by insuring their property repair and maintenance without compromising their coverage. We are proud of the fact that this service is the first-ever in the industry”, says Michelle Afflalo, producer of Ives Insurance Service, also the creator of the program. 

Aside from a comprehensive investor insurance policy, the repair and investment property portion of the program provides property owners with the opportunity to save at least 35% of the expense they otherwise spend on repair and maintenance every month. According to data provided from 35000 rental properties, the average cost for repairs  for landlords is $92.83 per month per unit. Ives provides repair insurance at a premium starting at $65 without any deductible, providing better and more comprehensive coverage than any other services in the market. 

In addition, the company also provides a 24/7 hotline service to the tenants giving them an immediate hassle-free repair experience for their appliances, without requiring them to notify their landlords. “What makes our repair policy unique is its zero deductible feature. If a repair claim occurs the tenant or landlord will have the repair resolved without paying anything other than their annual premium. When it comes to insurance claims, people usually get worried about policies being canceled or premiums being increased. However, our Repair Insurance claims will not affect their property or liability insurance policy at all” says Michelle Afflalo.

With an exceptional legacy of 85 years of service in the industry, Michelle Afflalo and Ives Insurance Services continue to expand the scope of the investment property insurance sector. By introducing new products with an emphasis on the focus on technology the company proves its commitment to serving property investors with different requirements and situations. Going forward, Ives seeks to provide investors with logical coverage, consistency, and benefits for property investors, our goal is to provide a life without worry.

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