How to Use Apple’s Self Service Repair Program

First announced in late 2021, Apple’s Self Service Repair Program has officially arrived.

With the option, individuals and smaller shops can access genuine parts, tools, and instructions directly from Apple to make repairs on their devices. We’ll take a closer look at the program and how you can use the program to fix a broken device.

What Can I Repair With the Apple Self Service Program?

Currently, the Apple Self Service Program is only available in the United States. But Apple does have plans to expand it to additional countries, including Europe, later in 2022.

Right now, you can complete repairs on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-generation iPhone SE. Some of the parts you can repair include the display, battery, and camera of the handsets.

Apple says that later in 2022, the program will expand to include manuals, parts, and tools to perform repairs on Mac models with Apple silicon chips.

How to Get Started

To begin, you’ll head to Apple’s site and review the repair manual for your device. Along with finding out about the repair process, you can get familiar with the parts, tools, and materials needed.

Once you are familiar with the repair instructions for your handset, it’s time to head to the Self Service Repair Store.

The online store isn’t operated by Apple but by a third-party authorized provider. Apple allows the provider to sell genuine Apple parts and tools.

To purchase parts, you will either need the IMEI or product serial number of your device. To help out, here’s our primer on how to find a serial number for any Apple device.


After creating an account, you’ll scroll down and select Start your order under Order Parts and Tools.

In the dialog box, you’ll need to select the product, model, and repair type.

Next, you will see the parts and tools you will need to complete the repair. For some parts, you can return the replaced parts to Apple and receive a credit. Apple will recycle the part.

For tools to complete the repair, there are two options. You can purchase the tools separately or pay $49 for a 7-day rental of an Apple Tool Kit. That provides a tool kit customized for the model you need to repair. It contains a complete set of tools available from the store.

You’ll need to return the kit after the rental period, or you’ll be charged for all the contents in the kit. Kit shipping is free to you and back to Apple.

Should I Use Apple’s Self Service Program?

If you’re wondering whether the Apple Self Service Program is for you, the answer is likely no.

Apple says the program is for “customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices.”

So if you’re hesitant about repairing your device, it’s best to pay the extra money and leave it to professionals from Apple or an iPhone repair shop.

But if do have the skills to make the repair yourself, it’s a great way to save money and fix your iPhone at home at your own pace. Being able to use Apple Genuine Parts is also a huge plus as non-genuine parts can be problematic for an iPhone repair.

And Apple’s program is one of a growing number of tech companies offering self-repair options for users.

A New Way to Repair Your Apple Device

While it’s obviously not for everyone, the Apple Self Service Repair provides both individuals and smaller shops the option to repair devices at their own pace and with genuine parts.

And instead of having to purchase a new device, the program will likely keep many Apple handsets in use for years to come.

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