Green tint on Apple Watch display? You’re not alone

Apple Watch Green Tint issue


  • Apple Watch users are noticing an “ugly” green tint on the display.
  • The issue seems to affect multiple models of the smartwatch, including the Apple Watch Series 8 and others.

Several Apple Watch users are noticing a green display tint on the smartwatch. The problem seems to affect almost the entire Apple Watch line, including the Apple Watch Series 8 and older models. Complaints are mounting on Reddit and the MacRumors forum, and it seems folks with older models like the Apple Watch 6 and Watch 4 have it worse than the others. Very few Apple Watch SE and Ultra models seem afflicted with the problem.

Redditors readers have tried everything to get rid of the green tint on their Apple Watches. Some suggested that the green tint might be courtesy of the color of the watch face at the back of the translucent control center/notification screens. However, affected users report this isn’t the case. Changing the watch face to a darker shade doesn’t help get rid of the green layer on top.

“Perfect oled blacks ruined,” commented a Reddit user. Another described their Apple Watch display as a “washed-out LCD.”

It seems the green tint started cropping up for users after the watchOS 9.5 update. It most certainly is a bug, something even iPhones have encountered in the past. Apple should be able to fix it right back with another software update.

Some users have discovered a temporary fix, though. It appears that turning on Sleep Focus on your Apple Watch gets rid of the green. Obviously, that’s not an ideal solution, but one that several users have confirmed as a workaround until Apple officially resolves the problem.

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