Google Reviews Update, SGE Expansion, Ranking Pillars, Shopping Updates, Bing Reliability Scores & More

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Google released the November 2023 reviews update on Wednesday afternoon, while the November 2023 core update rages on with a ton of heated volatility. I posted the Google webmaster report for November. DOJ documents released showcase the three pillars of Google’s search rankings and more. Danny Sullivan shared how he documents SEO feedback for internal review with the Google Search team. Google Search adds more shopping deal features, some is pretty intense. Google also has these new toggles on and off sidebar search filters; it also works for some local queries. Bing is testing other shopping filters in its product overlays. Google Search Console removed the page experience report, filter, and API is going away soon. Microsoft released a patent for Bing on reliability scores for content and sites. Google expanded the Search Generative Experience to more countries and added more features. As an FYI, parasite SEO is not a term Google uses internally. Google Search does use Sistrix’s virus scanner. Google is testing showing multiple local packs in the search results. Google Business Profiles has a new actives option. Google Ads launched its generative AI features for performance max campaigns in the US. Google Ads updated its policies for Merchant Center around abuse. Google Shopping has a promotion for Amazon Prime and Nike membership. Google AdSense will stop serving ads under, which will remove ad personalization and impact ad earnings. Microsoft said Bing Chat demand is not going down. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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