BitCountry Unveils InnoVoy Event to Revolutionize the Web3 Identity Space

Prior to the introduction of their L1 MNet Continuum, BitCountry, the Polkadot parachain project for building immersive metaverse communities, has announced the beginning of InnoVoy Event, a ground-breaking campaign intended to transform the Web3 identity space.

An opportunity to experience BitAvatar, a Universal Avatar identity with NFT-bound wallet, also known as Backpack wallet, firsthand is extended to Polkadot community members. BitAvatar, the MNet Innovation Hub’s first project, is the ultimate avatar customization technology, revolutionizing advanced user experiences and web3 project access.

Justin Pham, Co-founder and CEO of BitCountry stated:

“We are thrilled to introduce BitAvatar to the Polkadot community through the InnoVoy Event. BitAvatar is more than just an avatar, it’s a new way for users to express themselves and manage their profile in the Web3 space. We believe that this technology will pave the way for more personalized experiences, partner project engagement and beyond.”

The team has put together the InnoVoy Event in order to prepare for the official launch of MNet Continuum, a scalable EVM and WASM L1 network which includes BitCountry, BitAvatar, BitMeet, Social Pool Protocol, ESE SDK, and Developer Portal as part of its enhanced social layer. The campaign represents a critical turning point in the development of user engagement and digital ID within Polkadot and the larger blockchain space.

The first 1,000 users will have the unique chance to free-mint their BitAvatar ID without requiring an Invite Code. Early adopters now have the opportunity to lead the BitAvatar revolution. Once the first 1,000 avatars have been created, additional users may sign up by utilizing an Invite Code that early adopters have provided. As a reward for their involvement in the ecosystem, stakers of DOT tokens will also have the chance to accrue additional XP. In addition, customers could get special NFT wearables based on the quantity of tokens staked.

Being a preferred user for MNet’s current and future ecosystem initiatives is a perk of owning a BitAvatar. Moreover, BitAvatar has been developed to help people manage their digital assets and reputation across several virtual identities. A profile picture may be uploaded by users to symbolize their identity after mining, and they can customize their avatars using an experimental AI tool.

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