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Why did we launch Sirius AI™ ?

“For many brands, achieving true personalization—a totally unique experience per person—remains a challenge,” says Hande Cilingir, CEO and Co-Founder at Insider. “This is largely caused by unmanageable workloads and the amount of manual effort required to execute customer journeys. That’s why we developed Sirius AI™ – our comprehensive AI solution for CX, to alleviate marketers of these challenges at every level of customer journey creation.” 

Our patent-pending Generative AI solution for CX is designed to make marketing teams more productive and efficient while helping them reach new levels of growth with high-performing customer experiences. 

The technology behind Sirius AI™ 

Sirius AI™  uses a combination of advanced technologies to help brands create seamless user experiences. It leverages OpenAI’s capabilities for analyzing use-case inputs, while our in-house AI and ML algorithms can generate user journeys and provide relevant segments in seconds.

Additionally, our AI systems are powered by Insider’s unified customer data platform (CDP), ensuring accuracy in predictions and recommendations while providing an in-depth understanding of your customers. This results in journey recommendations that are unique to every customer. Your customers’ channel preferences serve as a default input to every request, ensuring that the best messages and conversations reach the right customers at the right time on the right channel. 

By leveraging external expertise and proprietary technology, Sirius AI™ crafts highly effective customer interactions, providing businesses with end-to-end customer journeys that are not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated, breaking down silos and enhancing the overall effectiveness of their CX strategies.

Zero-lag enterprise AI solution for CX with the fastest time-to-value

Sirius AI™ addresses the need for speed for enterprise-level marketing by ensuring the fastest time to launch cross-channel journeys from day one. No integration is needed to get started with Insider’s Generative AI capabilities; it starts learning from your interactions and prompts from day one. 

Sirius AI™ offers rapid use-case roll-offs, allowing businesses to implement niche use cases like replenishment, price alerts, loyalty promotions, and more—quickly and at scale. This agility means faster time to value and a quicker return on investment. 

By minimizing the implementation timeline, Sirius AI™ enables businesses to expedite results and gain a competitive edge in the market. Sirius AI™ can roll out use cases immediately with no training, helping businesses implement AI solutions for CX and realize benefits quickly. Our fast implementation helps businesses harness the power of AI without significant disruptions to their existing operations.

Flexibility, scalability, and marketing consistency 

In a world of diverse and dynamic marketing needs, Sirius AI™ stands out by providing unparalleled flexibility for marketers. Marketers can choose between full end-to-end automation or selectively automate elements of their journey orchestration, such as content generation, segment creation, image generation, localization, and more. This ensures a bespoke approach to each business’s unique requirements, allowing marketers to tailor their strategies precisely. 

Sirius AI™, allows businesses to scale up in seconds by putting their CX on autopilot, adapting to changing customer demands with agility. This scalability ensures that businesses can respond fast to market shifts, promotional events, or other factors that impact customer engagement. 

Insider’s AI suite is built around a centralized AI infrastructure where recommendation, predictive, and generative engines talk to each other to ensure consistency. This coherence in experiences enhances customer trust and loyalty—critical factors in building enduring customer relationships and stronger brand love. 

Prioritizing data security and compliance

At Insider, we take data privacy and security very seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented rigorous compliance measures and controls to safeguard sensitive customer information. 

Whenever a brand creates any prompt, Insider sends it anonymously to Open AI to ensure there’s no leakage of customer data or brand identity. When it comes to conversational AI, we allow marketers to tune their flows and add knowledge limits, giving them complete control over what the bot can and cannot say to align with brand guidelines and security. This instills business confidence and assures customers that their data is handled carefully. 

Navigating the complex landscape of data regulations and privacy concerns is challenging for modern businesses. We’ve subjected Sirius AI™ to stringent security and legal checks, ensuring the effectiveness of the AI applications and compliance with industry standards and regulations. By proactively addressing these concerns, Sirius AI™ mitigates potential business risks, fostering a secure and compliant environment. 

Continuing to stay ahead of the curve

With Sirius AI™, brands can ensure that every interaction is meticulously optimized and personalized for maximum performance, keeping customer actions and preferences in check. We’ve built a self-learning system that continuously evolves, learning from each interaction to enhance future engagements. The iterative improvement process is ingrained in Sirius AI™, ensuring it remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Throughout the development of Sirius AI™, we reminded ourselves that it’s not just about making marketers productive but also about delivering tangible and successful customer outcomes. This will help marketers achieve their goals faster, ensuring better campaign performance and user satisfaction. By focusing on results, Sirius AI™ aligns itself with the strategic goals of businesses based on the prompts, ensuring the investment in AI translates into meaningful and quantifiable benefits.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to ensure Sirius AI™  redefines the benchmarks for intelligent customer interactions and remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their CX strategies. 

Want to learn more about how Sirius AI™ can add value to your business? Book a consultation today. 

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